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TTMT #10 Wild About Knitting

Edit at 10:30 am. Just had the test and all went well. Seems that what they saw was related to my hiatal hernia. I’ll get it checked out later. I’m just glad all is well with my heart!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #10 Wild About Knitting

  1. Looks like you have a little case of start-itis this week. I love sweater knitting but I can only have one on the needles at a time. Your hats are all beautiful as usual. I like the Sweet Pea hat with the twist. It looks familiar but I don’t think I’ve knit it yet.

    Sending good thoughts for your procedure today. I’m guessing you’re pretty happy to be done with going to therapy. I know I am always ecstatic when I can stop going.


  2. Your knitting is so lovely. I love knitting hats but none of my family ever wear them so I stopped. I should knit some and just donate them to the homeless shelter here. I bet someone would like to get a new, warm hat just for them.

    You are certainly ambitious starting all those new projects!

    Glad to hear it wasn’t your heart. My mom dealt with a that type of hernia starting in her 20s or early 30s. Occasionally if she didn’t eat stuff that agreed with her she ended up in the ER thinking she was having a heart attack, it’s apparently pretty commonly confused with a heart attack. Take care of yourself!

    Congrats on graduating PT!


  3. Beautiful knitting projects you have going and done! I am so impressed!!! I like the black on the neon hat; sets off the colors very well. The yellow is beautiful, The sweaters are going to be beautiful as well. The teal, pink and denim is really special.
    YAY for finishing PT and being able to walk and climb stairs. Excellent!
    I am so glad the test came out well; I know you are relieved that there was nothing wrong with your heart.


  4. Love love love all your knitting projects. You really remind me of my Grandma (not your age you are far to young) but your knitting reminds me of hers.

    Glad all went well with your procedure and there is nothing wrong with your heart 💓 xx


  5. I’m really happy your recovery has gone so well. That’s just wonderful.

    Oh, the neon hats are just so cute. A hat a week, wow!!

    All of your knitting is so beautiful. The sweater is going to be absolutely amazing.

    I’m glad you were able to visit with your mom, but I am sorry to hear about her failing health and how it worries her. 90 years old is pretty darn amazing. *hugs*

    I am so, so glad you added that your test went well. ♥


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