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TTMT #266 – jewells68 – May 8, 2018 – Absence Makes the Video Longer

So yeah, finished the zig zag quilt top! I would like to finish it in time to turn in at Project Linus this Saturday, but I don’t know that that’s a realistic goal. Other than that, just trying to continue to improve my sewing/quilting space.

12 thoughts on “TTMT #266 – jewells68 – May 8, 2018 – Absence Makes the Video Longer

  1. Progress is good on the quilt(s) and on your space. You always have such good ideas for your space/contraptions and can actually carry them out. I have ideas but . . .


    1. I just know I can’t keep it as crowded as it is. So I’m going to continue using up fabric and revising storage/furniture until it’s a little more comfortable in there.


  2. Great chevron quilt. If you just do an meander or diagonal lines you can get it quilted by Saturday (in a perfect world where we have nothing else to take up our time) Btw…I HATE Lowe’s. Had a horrible experience there 20ish years ago and refuse to give them any of my money!!! Excited to see your space once you get it set up how you want/need!


    1. I would love to just echo the diagonal lines but I don’t have enough throat space on my machine to do that on the frame. I guess I could take it off the frame, but then I would have to baste it, which is why I got a frame, to not have to baste my quilts, lol. So I’ll probably do an all over design of some sort. Maybe a geometric sort of meander like on Jennifer’s Rainbow cascade. It won’t be as perfect because I don’t have a quilt robot controlling my stitches, but I’ve done at least one quilt that way before and it worked pretty well. If I had a way to lock my wheels on the frame I would just do straight lines across, that would go SUPER fast. but I don’t have locks on mine.

      Unfortunately I also have to go to work all day so I only have a little bit of time in the evening after dinner. I’m going to try to get it done but I’m not going to be upset if I don’t make it. I can always turn it in next month! 🙂

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  3. I love the zig zag quilt. If you don’t get it done in time for this month there’s always next. Then maybe you can shoot for two Project Linus quilts. I like to use practice pieces for the cats to lay on too. We used to have an ottoman and it was fun making different mini quilts for it.

    I’m always rearranging my craft space. You have to live with it for a bit to see what works and what doesn’t.


    1. Yes you are so right about the space. I loved the 5 tier chrome shelving when I didn’t have the frame set up, but now it’s just ,,,, LOOMING over me, lol, so I had to make it shorter.

      That’s the plan, if I don’t finish it in time to turn in Saturday I’ll just turn in at least two in June.


  4. Blue Zig Zags look so great! A navy binding would be spectacular. If you get a hankering for orphan blocks for Linus, let me know, I’m happy to share! 😉

    I like your plans for your practice piece. Woo!

    I love your shelf solution. So clever!

    I’ve looked at the corrugated plastic sheets online before (also Home Depot). I had thought to use it as a baffle in front of my design wall to protect it from kitties scratching. I ended up using the giant cardboard my cutting mat came in. So far they haven’t messed with it.

    Fingers crossed for the perfect kitchen island to pop up!


    1. I love the zig zag. Not expecting to finish it since it’s Thursday and I haven’t even got a back yet and therefore it’s not loaded on the frame. Not sure what I will do with the remaining HST units… maybe pinwheel next. Although all these seams a a beeyotch to make flat.I have ALL the orphan blocks I need, thanks, lol. I will let you know when my supply gets low, though. 😉

      I thankfully have never had my kitties scratch on the design wall. Knock wall. That would be so annoying to find! She has already explored the new shelf though… since it’s not full she walked around. Since it didn’t collapse under her plump kittybody I have no fear of my smaller bins breaking it!


  5. I just remembered that you wanted a copy of the Ten Stitch Zig Zag blanket. I can send you a copy unless you are a member of You can make an account there (no cost) and then you can write Ten Stitch Zig Zag blanket in the search and get it.


  6. The zigzag quilt looks great! Do you still have more HST to make another?

    Hoping you figure out a way to make your room work for you! I have thoughts about rearranging my room, but never do it because I don’t want to move furniture unless we’re replacing the carpeting in here… haha… there are so many ground in thread bits I’ve never been able to vacuum out.. it’d be far too clear where my sewing area has been ;D


    1. I was very happy with how the zig zag quilt turned out. And yes I have quite a few more of the same prints in hst units from Susan, as well as a a whole other stack in a different print that came with them, so more quilts are to come from those.

      I don’t have to worry about the vaccum thing, our old house has no carpet except for the area rug in the living room. but thread tumbleweeds are all over the place, lol.


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