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TTMT – Advanced Warning I Waffle and get a bit emotional – Sorry

16 thoughts on “TTMT – Advanced Warning I Waffle and get a bit emotional – Sorry

  1. I have a wild guess about your good news and I do hope I’m right. Turning a corner can change so many things. ♥

    I’d like to throw out the idea that if you have things to send back to the U.S., I *know* someone who will be in England in September and who would be more than happy to pass those things on to whoever you like. 🙂

    Oh, a family holiday would be lovely! My fingers are crossed for you.

    Oh, seriously, I wanted to hug you so much while watching this!


    1. I will email you later the full details but needless to say things went very well. Can’t wait for September to come as well .

      I love this community everyone has been so nice and I have had some wonderful comments xxxx


  2. Aw! I don’t know your circumstances but am glad to see you’re having an upturn in things! Woo, new sewing machine! Needle down, locking stitch, and the needle threading thing have saved any sewing I do. I don’t use the decorative stitches much on my Janome and Brother but things like the automatic buttonhole maker are useful.

    If you go to Florida, does it mean you may be going to the TTMT place of pilgrimage, aka The Wizarding World of Harry Potter??


    1. Oh definitely, Harry Potter world here I come. I have already said to the other half that I am going to do the studio tour again to. So very very excited xx


  3. Whatever your mystery news is it’s delightful to see you so happy about it!

    Ah yes…lusting after new sewing machines and tools is a feeling I often share. Have fun with whichever shiny new toys you get!


    1. Jennifer knows all about it and am sure she will fill you in. I just don’t want to advertise it on the internet in full as it’s a little sensitive. New toys … am in full research mode right now and enjoying every minute xx


  4. I am very happy for you!! That’s so wonderful and exciting. I don’t know what it is but if it makes you this happy then I am happy for you too! My daughter and I went to Orlando when I had a work conference there and she was out of school for the summer already. Sadly, they hadn’t even started Wizarding World yet. So I haven’t been since I don’t travel for work anymore. I hope you get to go!!!


    1. I need to find a way to let you guys know what it is , I just doubt want somethings going online as there at other parties involved. I am so excited about a proper family holiday. Cx


  5. By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask you, if you ever happen upon a cd of the soundtrack of The Revengers Tragedy by Chumbawamba at an op shop or church rumble sale or something for no more than just a few pounds I would send you the money to get it over here to me. It was never released here in the states and was out of print pretty quickly and then the band broke up. The songs are on youtube but the quality isn’t very good, so I would love to have the cd. You know just if you happen to see a used copy for cheap somewhere. I thought maybe the kids school might have a rumble sale or something, some schools over here do that.


    1. Hey

      I had never heard of this one, we do have what we call Jumble sales and things and I will defiantly keep my eyes open for it. The only thing I remember Chumbawamba doing is throwing water at the Deputy Prime Minister at an awards show! Will keep an eye open for it in the charity shops I go to as well, hopefully I can track it down for you. Xx


    1. You are so lovely , might have to messenger some people to let them know more details. It’s more that luck never seems to go our way regarding money and things and that seems to have turned a corner. It’s very very exciting XX


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