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TTMT #265 – jewells68 – April 24, 2018 – Tired Rambles

I sewed a few HST units together. That’s pretty much it. Just blah blah blah about being tired and why. Crafty goals for next week, though!

9 thoughts on “TTMT #265 – jewells68 – April 24, 2018 – Tired Rambles

  1. I’m glad we got to see you for a bit. Being on your feet for 12 hours is tiring enough, but the heat makes it even worse. Make sure you hydrate; that might help you recuperate. hope you get rested up and have a chance to spend some really good time with your sister.


    1. I drink at least several quarts of water daily so no worries there. Thankfully Jan will be here through the end of September so I’m planning to take some time off here and there to hang out with her.


    1. Think I’m almost to the point where I can spend a little quality time in the project room. I actually thought about it last night before just sitting on the computer instead.


  2. Poor Jewells is so tired! I hope you’re feeling more recovered today and that you get to see your sister soon.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. Life wouldn’t be the same if my birthday gift were on time. πŸ˜πŸ’œ*hugs*


    1. When I watched this back I was like… “I’m so tired I almost sound drunk”. Sadly no booze in me, just tired. I did actually *think* of going back to the project room last night to sew, but instead poured a small glass of pinot noir and sat in front of the computer instead.


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