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10 thoughts on “ttmt New Space

  1. So glad you have your new space. Yay for having a place where you are comfortable! How nice to be able to look out on your garden and to have all that natural light.
    I love those bags. My cousin made one for me and it is great.


  2. WOW! You must feel really good about getting your sewing area settled. Those bags you made are really impressive. Loads of work and they look wonderful. I know your friend will love it. I think the others will love the triangle bag. It’s a thoughtful gift. Enjoy your new space!


  3. Your new space looks lovely. I love having a window near my work space. It brightens the space and feels happy! Those bags are amazing! I think it would take me a week just to make one never mind two and move my rooms! Your new space most be working the magic mojo for you.


  4. Dammit, worpress just ate my comment.

    Love the new space! I like how you turned multiple ikea units into a single piece of furniture by adding the mdf on top. Do they have wheels, and if so, does that cause you any issues when you are cutting?

    That’s a great bag. I’m sure your plan to make something scrappy and inexpensive for the others is a good idea so they don’t feel bad if they don’t reciprocate.


    1. WordPress does that to me to !

      The shelves are not on wheels, they stand just in front of the radiator so the mdf over hangs about an inch all around, it works with my cutting mat as I can kind of get all around it.



  5. I’m so excited that you are in a more inspiring space! Your garden looks very sweet. ♥

    Alida made one of the awesome project bags for me a couple of years ago. It’s my to-go bag and lives in my sewing machine case. It’s a wonderful bag!


  6. Glad to hear you’ve found a better place in your house to turn into your craft room.. you just seemed very unhappy with the last room, but this looks more spacious and light-filled and just more workable.

    The bag looks pretty amazing. Those ones look like they’d be so intense to make!


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