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TTMT Not much sewing

6 thoughts on “TTMT Not much sewing

  1. I’m so happy your using that fabric! When I saw it I knew it was for you. I have some scraps of it I going to send to you if that’s ok. While packing I know I can’t hang on to everything! Love the bags. So happy that you get to have some time with friends.

    Love your niffler. He’s so cute. I would have died on the street with all the Harry Potter shops.


  2. Your hair is looking fabulous. 🙂

    Your quilt show trip sounds quite lovely. I love your plans for the little gifties for your friends.

    Awww, Niffler! So ridiculously cute! I’m glad you had some HP fun on your York trip.


  3. After watching your video I told Tim about Shambles and he looked it up on Google Earth. Looks like a great place to explore!
    Loved seeing the little niffler peaking over your head. I guess he was looking for his soft little friend. So cute!
    Your quilt show retreat sounds like loads of fun. I’m sure your friends will love the little gifties you are making.


  4. I think your gifties idea is a good one. Great gift.

    Wow the Shambles looks so neat. I would love to wander down that street. There are so many places I would like to visit in the UK, although the thought of flying over water terrifies me. We were just discussing that last night. The husband said “plane goes down on land or water, you’re screwed, why’s the water more scary?” Which makes sense but doesn’t change the way I fee about it.

    Love the niffler! Some other suggestions… Norman, Newman, Niffy…


  5. Oh my the Niffler is to much! How completely adorable. Sounds like a delightful place to go.

    I really like the little pouch you are making your friends. It’s cute and useful. I’m sure your friends will enjoy them. A weekend with Quilting friends is always the best!

    Your hair looks amazing!

    Have a crafty week


  6. Love the new hair Vicky.. it looks great!

    That little triangle pouch is really fun… great fabrics! Sounds like a lovely little gift.

    I’m sure the niffler has a name – he is super cute! – but Niall came to mind (if it’s a boy niffler, which it seems like he is). I’ve been really into Niamh for a girl’s name lately, so that’s probably what I’d call my own imaginary lady niffler 😀


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