TTMT Video

TTMT #76 Hullo!

The finished quilt top from the tester.


Some photo’s since my last video.

From first to last, camping trip, home invasion, with friends at rugby game,

car crash straight after rugby game, sunrise 1 and 2 at retreat, friends kids at Crocworld with us, my son at Crocworld.

Happy Sewing!


6 thoughts on “TTMT #76 Hullo!

  1. Oh my, you have had a lot happening – good an bad. It is so good to see you and I hope your life settles down so you can get more “sewing therapy” and visit us more often.

    I love your quilt pattern. It is so crisp and modern. Your mom chose great fabric. Your sister’s quilt looks like it will be beautiful as well.


  2. Oh my goodness, please don’t feel bad about the patterns you’re testing for me. Take your time. On the same note, definitely, don’t worry about the FQ Lotto. It’s just a bit of fun and I know how busy you’ve been.

    I love your mum’s quilt! The design is so lovely.

    It is so good to see you again and I’m so happy you’re healed up. Take care of yourself. ♥


  3. Oh your new pattern is lovely! Your mum’s fabric choices are beautiful.
    I hear you on the scouts taking over your life! I have relieved myself of some of the responsibilities I had. It was taking a ridiculous amount of my time. I love my troop but it can’t be like a second job all the time.

    Good to see you! Hope life settles down a bit for you.


  4. Oh my goodness you sure have had a lot going on recently. I love your mom’s quilt. All that negative space will be fun to quilt. I like the blacks and greys block too. I love color but it’s also fun to play with just 2 colors.


  5. I am so glad your month was early on for the 2018 swap so that while all this craziness was going on you got surprises in your mailbox. You sound a lot like me, you want to help and when other people won’t step up you do because things have to get done and then you are totally overwhelmed and exhausted and don’t have time for your own things. At some point you have to say no or you no longer have a life of your own. I’m hitting that point now. Sounds like you are too. We have to pick and choose what is most important and let the rest go, even if someone else won’t do it as well as we do we have to let it go. Take care of yourself and focus on one thing at a time and breathe and know we are here for you when you have time.


  6. The quilt for your mom is so beautiful! Looks lovely!

    I’m sorry you’ve been having such a rough go of things lately! I hope things smooth out for you a bit, and that maybe you can get some of the extra work off your plate. I hope you can take some time for yourself and do something you really enjoy instead of being so crazy busy.


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