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TTMT #37 I could really use your opinion please.

During this video I show you my Samoan stars EPP quilt. When I first started hand sewing these stars together a few people mentioned I was using too many stitches to hold each piece together. At the time I was thinking that these quilters have been doing this longer than me so they must know what they are talking about, right? Now it looks like my blocks might fall apart. My feeling is that I need to reinforce these stitches but it would be nice if I could fix them just by quilting the stars a certain way to hold them together. What do you think?



10 thoughts on “TTMT #37 I could really use your opinion please.

  1. THAT STAR QUILT! My favorite color combos are brights on a black background and the Samoan fabrics are gorgeous. The quilt is totally yummy!
    The cowl is also lovely.
    You have certainly gone crazy with crumb blocks. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

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    1. My favorite color combos are brights on black too. I’ve made many quilts in that style.

      I am definitely done sewing crumbs for awhile lol. The real fun is coming up with different designs and projects to use them.


  2. I love your stars. i would leave them and quilt well over them. then you will be able to look back and see how far you have come. 12 stitches doesn’t seem any where near enough to hold EPP together. enjoyed your crumb block you tube videos.

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    1. Thanks Jenny! The crumb blocks were fun to make.

      I went through this phase where I thought I needed to listen to the quilting mass in general and I tried hard to follow their “rules” but it just never worked for me. I quickly realized that my style and approach is different than mainstream quilters and that ‘s perfectly okay. I’ve had to fix a few issues on some projects because I didn’t listen to my gut. That’s how we learn I guess.


  3. Love the Star quilt! I really think if you Quilt right at the edges you should be fine. If you are really worried restitch the worse spots. Tight quilting can work wonders on spotty seams.

    It’s going to be gorgeous!

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    1. I’m going to keep adding the black diamonds and let the ideas sit and simmer for a bit but I think I’m leaning more towards your way of thinking. If I use matching thread and quilt tightly along the seams it should be okay. If not it’s okay because it will be my quilt and I can fix any issues that pop up after a few washes. Thanks!

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  4. So, about your hand stitched blocks…I’d add some stitching before you quilt. I pieced a nine patch quilt together from hand pieced patches my Grannie had worked on. She would give us grandkids patches to sew as busy work when I was a kid and she would sew with us. There was a big box of them when she passed away. There were a few machine pieced blocks, but most were hand pieced. Anyway, I pieced the whole thing together and quilted it, but I didn’t reinforce the hand stitching. I have been patching seams ever since.

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    1. I had a feeling that that’s what I needed to do. I was hoping someone over here had precious experience with something like this. I agree that my only true option is to restitch the stars. I don’t want to do a lot of machine quilting on this quilt so some of the other suggestions just wouldn’t work. Thanks!


  5. I will defer to Jennifer O’s opinion since I’ve never done any hand-piecing. Do some additional stitching, maybe even by machine, on the spots you are most worried about them coming apart before sandwiching to quilt, especially if you don’t want to quilt this one very densely. You might still do an “inner echo” of quilting, or two, on the inside of the stars.

    I think the grey looked ok, but if you aren’t happy with it now, there’s no guaranty you would be when it’s finished, so better to start over now before you get any further. That’s what happened with my DWSAL quilt. I ended up hating the embroidery thread I was using and never got more then 4 blocks done.

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  6. The stars project is really lovely… brights + black is always a great choice. I hope you figure out what to do with the stars! I’ve never done EPP so I don’t know much about it, but if you’re worried then better safe. I’d hate for it to come apart in the wash or something later.

    The new cowl is pretty… love the greys.

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