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TTMT #5 – Retreat Fun

7 thoughts on “TTMT #5 – Retreat Fun

  1. Those flannels are great.
    The quilting retreat sounds like fun and really productive. I haven’t done a jelly race but I’m sure the fast pace finishing would be really satisfying to me. Your tops are looking good!


  2. WOW!!! I love the blue quilt the most but I think all the jellyroll race quilts look fab! Your other quilt gives me an idea of what to do for quilts I want to make for my brothers [I have 4 of them]. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope to attend a retreat one day – maybe I will actually get some work done! lol


  3. I love the blue quilt too, but I also really like that last one with the charm squares. I haven’t tried the jelly roll race quilt but we have had a number of ladies in my Project Linus group that have done them, they seem fast and fun.


  4. I have done a couple of jelly roll race quilts – one of them I made into a shower curtain for my son and daughter-in-law. The other is in my stack of UFOs. I might get it quilted in the next couple of years.
    All of your quilts look great. I especially like the bright colored jelly roll with the heart squares and the pastel quilt that looks like an Irish chain.
    I’m glad you found your retreat to be fun and productive.
    Can’t wait to see that rag quilt completed; I love those fabrics.


  5. You got a ton of cutting done.

    I was just thinking this morning that I should make a jelly roll race quilt. I haven’t made one yet.

    I live by finished is better than perfect. Lol

    I have several Pi shawl patterns saved. It’s hard to chose which one and which yarn.


  6. (I’m playing catchup while I pull paper off my Rainbow blocks today!)

    Oh, I am so happy you got to go on a retreat! It’s been ages for me. Someday I’ll go to another.

    Super cute flannels for your daughter in law. I really like those.

    The jelly roll quilts are so good! Whew, you did get so much done.

    Love the knitted squares. I imagine that’s going to be a fabulous blanket!


  7. Your sewing machine must have been just smoking by the time you did all this sewing 😀 The one retreat I went to I spent all my time talking and I didn’t actually do almost any sewing.. haha.

    Those knitted squares are gorgeous! It’s going to be a fabulous project, I think!

    Oh I think that blue jellyroll quilt is gorgeous! Love that!


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