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TTMT #100✨ “Big News”

6 thoughts on “TTMT #100✨ “Big News”

  1. You would not be the first person to ask for a signature. I once worked an event where women were asking to have their sewing machines signed. Seriously! It sounds like you got a great time and you got some really fun goodies. 🙂

    Moving! How exciting! I’ve lived in the same house for almost 19 years, so I get it. I can’t imagine having to pack after so long. Oi!

    As far as your swap goes, if you want, we can ask everyone to hold off mailing until you move so your blocks can be sent directly to your new address. That work?


    1. I just got approved for the new place! I can’t wait for bigger space.

      Ya I was kicking myself on the way home by not asking him to sign my bag. I’m so glad I went.

      Ya so I’ll be packing us. I know how Matthew packs 🙊
      Think I might tell the gals to hold of on my blocks that way nothing gets lost.

      Man I can’t wait to Quilt in a room that has A/C and heat!!! What’s great is how much money we will be saving. It’s also across the streets from the Quilt shop Matthew works at so we also save gas too.


  2. Congratulations on the move! It’s always exciting when you want to move to the new place!

    Honestly I would ask people to either mail way early or hold off. I never trust my mail to follow me.

    The event sounded great. I think I missed the one near me. I’ll have to check.


  3. I am so excited for you! I know you’ve been wanting to move for quite a while now. And how convenient for Matt.

    Sounds like the thread event was fabulous – and you got quite a haul! You also got some really nice fat quarters.

    I don’t think anyone would mind waiting to get your new address before sending your blocks.


  4. Congratulations on the fun event and especially on moving to a new place you love! I’d have to look at the calendar to see which month is yours, but there should be no problem in asking everyone to wait until you provide your new mailing address, that way there’ll be no lost mail.


  5. Sounds like the Aurifil thing was really neat! And lots of fun goodies for sure.

    The Andover fabric you weren’t sure about is Alison Glass.. she’s got some really great stuff!

    How exciting that you’re moving!


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