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Life update

7 thoughts on “Life update

  1. I’m so glad to see your face! I know how depressing a messy craft room can be; it is definitely not conducive to crafting. I had to hire my son to come out and help me get a handle on mine a couple of weeks ago. I do hope you can find some time on the work calendar to take a couple of days for you!!
    Hurry back, girly. We will be here waiting for you.

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  2. We will be here when you come back to us…. Thanks for updating us on your crazypants life. I I totally get what you mean about your craft room too. I basically have maybe an hour at the most on work evenings if I want to do something in there (or for whatever I decide I need to do before getting ready for bed) so the other night I just started clearing up leftover mess from my last couple of projects. It’s starting to drive me batty being so crowded in that room. Ugh. Sometimes I get to the point that I can’t even think of what to do on a project I wANT to do because of all the crap that’s in my way,


  3. Girl, you are singing my song! I can’t get half of my things done [fun things, that is] because my work hours stink! It’s good to have a flexible plan of attack… how I handle a huge undertaking is by breaking it down into smaller chunks. There are so many projects that I want to do, but know it would take me a decade to complete. I still have the fabrics for My Favorite Things – in a container waiting.

    I wish we could all just make a living crafting – that would be awesome. Enjoy time with your sister!


  4. I totally know what you mean. My room was a mess for quite a while and just the other day I decided to set a timer for one hour and clean it. I actually got the whole thing done in an hour. It’s interesting to see what I can get done if I actually set the timer and try to push myself.


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