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TTMT#33-updates and finishes

8 thoughts on “TTMT#33-updates and finishes

  1. I really like the turquoise fat quarter strips. The musical symbols show up really well.

    I’m a big fan of tumbler blocks. I might need to make a scrap version soon. I like the border. It calms down the blocks and frames them nicely.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Cute zipper pouch.


    1. I’m so sorry your son lost his friend. It’s nice that he is able to come home a little early. We need to be around family during tough times.


  2. Whew, so relieved you managed to get a little more fabric for your project! I like how you’re making it work.

    Happy belated birthday. โ™ฅ

    Give your son a hug from the TTMT community. Losing a friend is such a hard, hard thing.


  3. Happy Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ My oldest son turned 25 yesterday! It goes so fast!

    I like the turquoise you found. Itโ€™s really very pretty. I agree I think I like it better than the lighter fabric. Itโ€™s really. Lovely gift.

    Sorry about your sons friend. Glad is able to come home sooner.


  4. The change in the prints is really going to look good.. one of those happy accidents of not-enough-fabric ๐Ÿ˜€

    The tumbler quilt looks quite nice… go you getting so many things finished!

    Happy Birthday!!


  5. Happy belated birthday! I turn 50 in October and am looking forward to my AARP discounts. Gimme gimme! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I like your choice to sub for the gold. I think it will work great and you didn’t have to buy any more fabric!

    So sorry about about your son’s loss. I’m gald he gets to be around family.


  6. Nice tumbler. Reminds me of springtime. And I love the musical quilt. That lighter turquoise is beautiful and it brightens the quilt up.

    Happy birthday!!! 50 sounds mighty young to some of us. I love that you are thinking of your age in terms of the quilts you want to make. I got a late start on quilting and I’d have to live to 100 (or more) to do all I want to. The pouch you made for yourself is tres belle. (I do remember a tiny bit from high school French.)

    I’m glad your son is getting to come home. My sons (both) and daughter-in-law lost a dear friend last week too to an accident; her funeral is today. So sad; she was such a delightful young woman. She was one of Vs bridesmaids.


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