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TTMT #4 Quilting has begun again

7 thoughts on “TTMT #4 Quilting has begun again

  1. Those socks are great. I’m just not that good with yarn. I get lost in the patterns. Simple repetitive patterns I can handle but nothing like those socks.

    I can’t wait to see the finished quilt for your granddaughter! It is really gorgeous.

    My oldest is a huge Astros fan! He starting following them when we lived in Houston.


  2. You can do the quilting. I much preferred spray basting to pins. I pinned two quilts and then heard about spray baste and never looked back.
    I normally do my yarnwork in the winter because of football season, but our warmer winter hasn’t really brought it out in me this year. Between you and Robin I am starting to yearn for my sock needles again. I may have to get them out.


  3. Hi Sarah! Love that rainbow hat!
    THOSE SOCKS! WOW! Back in the olden days when I knitted a little, I never even thought about attempting anything that complex.
    My jaw dropped at that quilt. Lovely. I like to spray baste much more than pinning.
    Nice shawl.
    I’m glad you joined the group too!


  4. I do really love your quilt , those blocks are ace and totally worth the wait for your grand daughter. Love the mystery socks and the prizes you received are great. xx


  5. Oh, the mystery socks are super cute!

    Nothing like a little peer pressure to get you quilting! Good for you! The back of the quilt for you granddaughter is perfect.

    Oh, your shawl came out so pretty!


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