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TTMT #258 – jewells68 – February 20, 2018 – Fun with Grannies

I’ve been playing with Grannies all week… Granny Square quilt blocks, that is…

Stuff I talk about:

Great Grannie’s  Squares Quilt for Charlotte Ruth

Granny Square Block Tutorial by Blue Elephant Stitches

7 thoughts on “TTMT #258 – jewells68 – February 20, 2018 – Fun with Grannies

  1. Your new quilt is Grantastic! Love that you have a bit of your mom in this one and the one for Charlotte. Very special.
    I was tearing up hearing you talk about Sandy’s reaction to the quilt. That is wonderful.


    1. I really like how the grannie square blocks worked out together. Maybe this weekend I can get the top finished. I need to think about getting something done for Linus so once this top is done I will likely set it aside for a bit.

      I am so pleased with how much the quilt means to Sandie. She texted me last night to thank me again and tell me she can’t stop reading all the little messages of love and hope. It means so much to know when your creation is so appreciated.


    1. She’s very touched by the whole thing. By the hopeful and encouraging messages on the quilt and the fact that someone would making something like this for her. Seeing her face made it all worthwhile.


  2. Love the Granny square quilt, it’s fantastic with the different sizes and the half blocks!

    That’s really lovely about Sandie – that must really feel great to know that she’s getting from it exactly what you were hoping for, encouragement and love and hope.

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    1. I am liking it. I needed to focus on something completely different and with no deadlines. It’s getting moved along on the project board but without any stress. Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered. Especially this week. I had Monday off, but due to our ongoing software conversion at work I ended up working a total of 24 hours between just Wed and Thurs. More stress I need not.


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