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TTMT 2/13/18

Hi gang. I won’t be posting a video tonight because I really don’t have anything to show and I’m just not feeling great. My lower back started hurting this afternoon (in the left kidney area) and I fear I either have a urinary tract or kidney infection. There are a couple of other symptoms but I’ll spare you the details.

Anyway I have finished putting the PoD together and have started quilting it to the backing.  It’s coming along okay but even though I pinned and pinned it, when I sewed it down, it became puckery.  I’ve taken out some stitches, but I really really don’t want to rip them all out. I’m going to drop back and think about this one a while.

I got two quilts back from Missouri Star. I’m binding one and will start the other when this one is done.  Nice little bit of stitching while I watch the Olympics or my girl Rachel Maddow.  Hopefully next week you’ll get to see 3 completed quilts.

Now hear’s a pic by Obnoxious Nana:

Garrick and Nana 2-5-18


6 thoughts on “TTMT 2/13/18

  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon and it’s not anything too serious. Kidney infections aren’t fun.

    Little Man is so darn cute. If they had a channel of just sleeping babies I would have It on all day lol.

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  2. I hope you are all better now. Kidney infections are no fun at all. Or bladder infections for that matter. Take care of yourself so you can spend lots of time with that little grandbaby.

    I saw you posted the finished quilt on FB, so I’m looking forward to hearing how you resolved your issues!


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