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TTMT Now with Teapot

16 thoughts on “TTMT Now with Teapot

  1. Love the dog walker pouch prototype, well done!

    Hannah’s dress is great. I really like it. Dressing up is one of my favorite things. A friend and I once went to our kids’ school dressed as Tonks (me) and Ginny. It is the closest I’ve ever come to feeling like a superhero! I miss getting to make cute costume type things for my own kiddos!

    Swap blocks from Jewells, Vanda, and I went out yesterday. Isn’t just about right that I’m the one running late? 😉

    Fun teapot!


    1. Thanks , I really enjoyed making Hannah’s dress , its the first time in awhile she has wanted me to make her something, she is desperate to wear it but I want to keep in in one piece untill World Book Day. May have to go as something HP themed myself, I thing the kids at school would love that , or maybe I could just wear some elves ears :~] .

      Your not running late , my birthday is not until November so technically you are 9 months early xx


  2. Oh the Queens of Hearts dress is wonderful. Dressing up is so much fun! My kids always love it. Especially it Mom has made the costume. I’m not so good at costumes but I’ll always give it a shot.

    The animals are really sweet on the quilt. What a happy quilt!


    1. Thank you , I love the animals quilt but have no idea of what I am going to do with it. I love your ribbon heart quilt pattern by the way , Rainey did such a good job and its an awesome pattern , I maybe making a purchase after pay day , she is such an enabler. ;-]


  3. You’ve had another very productive week. The animal quilt looks like it was fun to work on and with that design the matching squares look fine.

    Your daughter’s dress is adorable. Don’t you just love the extra pressure from the teachers? Lol.


  4. Oooh, TARDIS teapot, creamer and sugar bowl…nice!
    Wow, that costume is amazing, all the other little girls will be super jealous. 🙂


    1. Thank you, I love my teapot it’s so classy geek. It’s nice that I can create for me again as for a while there she didn’t want anything I had made her xx


  5. Love the Tardis tea set. Speaking of tea, I have really been enjoying my HP flavored teas. So far my fave is the Pumpkin Juice, but I haven’t tried them all.
    The Queen of Hearts costume is so sweet, and so is Hannah.
    And the woodlands creatures quilt is adorable.
    My signature is so subtle that it disappeared altogether. Sigh…


    1. I wasn’t sure how to sign it but wish I had been a bit smaller, ahhh we’ll never mind. Glad you like the tea , I love the little tins to they are so cute xx

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  6. If you know who sent it a block and it’s not signed, maybe write their name small somewhere where you want it. That way, later, when you CAN’T remember who sent it you will. I forgot to sign mine and the day I was going to mail it to Jennifer she mentioned it and I was so glad I hadn’t actually popped it into the mail yet! Now i need to get busy and finish at least one of the other blocks I have in progress so it’s ready to mail for the March recipient. Unlike everyone else I don’t have all my blocks done already.

    The woodland creature quilt came out great! Did you have a lot of trouble with the batting leaving lint all over your sewing machine? That’s the only thing that has stopped me from trying her method of QAYG.

    The dress is awesome!! The heart trim is perfect. I know how you feel about the teacher pressure. We did the book/costume thing for Halloween at Phebe’s school. That way the kids could dress up for Halloween, but it had to be a character from a book and they had to bring the book their character was from. If their parents ignored the rules and didn’t send the book and sent them dressed as a movie character or something, the teacher would let them go to the school library and the librarian would help the child find a book that went with their costume. By the time 3rd grade rolled around it was pretty much expected that Phebe’s costume would be homemade.No pressure! lol. So you might as well get used to the peer pressure. 🙂

    Nice Tardis Teapot! Very cool. It would make a lovely vase as well. 🙂


  7. The Queen of Hearts dress and cape is really great! It looks so impressive. And your daughter is super cute 😀

    The woodland quilt looks really great! Such cute appliques.

    So talk about subtlety… everyone has used solids and mottled prints and mine is just very IN YOUR FACE with hula girls and giant bees and everything other random thing I had on fabric 😀 But I love the hula girls and everyone will be getting some in their blocks one way or another.


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