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TTMT 98 Amazed that my coffee never moved!


11 thoughts on “TTMT 98 Amazed that my coffee never moved!

  1. That Labyrinth quilt is Awesome! Reminds me of the movie The Maze LOL. I love your chocolate heart too! Makes me hungry ha ha. I saw that rug pattern recently. I tried to get the pattern to have in the shop but they are sold out at the moment. I assume it is popular. I would like to do one. Your work is wonderful. See you in March 🙂 St. Patty’s Day


    1. I can’t wait to see you. I’m so excited about it! The rug pattern isn’t hard mg machine doesn’t like how thick it was. One point it got scary and I had to call Matt for reinforcements. Machine started giving warnings on the screen.


  2. Ahhhhhhhh! I’m so excited to see that top! 😍I love it in your chocolate fabrics! I agree with Matt the red just pops! I knew you were making a chocolate quilt but I didn’t realize it was my pattern. 🤗 I just love it. I designed it and bunch of others that are coming with the same idea in mind for throws on my sofa for different holidays. I don’t decorate a lot either for certain holidays. I had decided I want Quilts I could have for the different times of year. You made my week! I just love seeing it done.

    Your Labyrinth Quilts is gorgeous! What a splendid gift to receive. The binding is a nice touch.

    I have several rug tutorials and patterns set aside as a someday project. Looking worked to seeing yours finished. You make awesome gifts for people.

    Happy Sewing


  3. Love the Labyrinth quilt and the ribbon heart is amazing , i need that pattern in my life …. you are such an enabler. Never apologise for what you look like , you are an amazing person and I just love watching your crafting skills, i don`t care if you haven’t brushed your hair , also I was wearing my PJ`s in my video today so dont even worry about it.

    Have a wonderful week. xx


  4. Oh my! Those two quilts are fabulous! It would be impossible to choose which I love more. Jennifer’s pattern is wonderful in the chocolate fabric.

    I don’t decorate for any of the holidays except Christmas, but I have a friend who decorates her kitchen for EVERY holiday. She’s made table runners and table toppers for each holiday or at least the major ones. And the cool thing is that they are all reversible. So New Years Day is backed by Valentine’s Day so she only has to dig out one every other holiday. Some of them just have a generic seasonal quilt on the back – her Easter table topper has a spring quilt on the back. I think that’s a good way to get some extra “bang for your buck”.


  5. Love both your quilts!!! Been wanting to do a labyrinth quilt myself and I see that AQS has a wallhanging that I might get. The heart quilt is fantastic!


  6. YAY looks like we are in this [fmq challenge] together! How nice to have a top on hand! I just felt well enough last night to cut my pieces. I’ll have a solo sewing retreat this weekend trying to get caught up with everything! I saw the chocolate fabric on my last trip to JoAnn & it is so delicious! lol All your projects are awesome. BTW – be careful standing on that chair!!!


  7. That looks like a good choice for the Free Motion Quilting Challenge… lots of areas that can be filled in with the different patterns! I’m using an old quilt top too for mine.

    The Labyrinth quilt looks AMAZING. It turned out so good.

    That’s really fun that you’re doing one of those jelly roll rugs… I can’t wait to see that finished!

    The ribbon heart looks great… the roses are perfect.


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