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TTMT #9 | Winter Woes | 02/13/2018

Hi All!

Sorry, just plain run down and no energy to write a decent post intro… therefore, there won’t be one. Have a great week & Happy Valentine’s Day!


15 thoughts on “TTMT #9 | Winter Woes | 02/13/2018

    1. You are so right! After the 2nd snowfall i was cursing that I hadn’t nagged my son enough to go get the wheel fixed on the snow thrower.

      Awww thanks. I sure felt like a Mack truck ran me down. My weeks / days etc are crazy busy. And it’s just me now… I dk how I used to do everything back when my three were in school…with all the band, orchestra, sports activities etc.

      I need to learn to slow down.


  1. I can’t imagine shoveling snow. It sounds like hard, cold work! I do hope your aches and pains ease up.

    I like your PoD block. The middle harlequin fabric is fabulous.

    Oh, yummy fabrics!

    I’m glad you figured the spray starch out. A friend of mine gave me the recipe years ago and I’ve tweaked it to get what I like. Here’s my “recipe”:
    It's time to make #homemade spray starch! My preferred recipe is 1/4 cup liquid starch, 2 oz vodka, 10 drops of lavender and approximately 4 cups of distilled water. #spraystarch

    Thank you again for sharing Jaxon’s story.

    Love your bee shirt. ♥


    1. Shoveling is a real workout and I was rushing a few times body mechanics was not the best, hence the aches and pains. Lesson learned!!!

      I have been holding on to that harlequin piece for almost 2 years! Received it in a great swap when I first joined the Pod group. A lot has changed, the members are all so comparative now, or maybe it’s just my imagination.

      I will be getting more fabrics each week… just a slice of each…there is so much to choose from. My goal is to gather all the empty bolts i can from fabric stores and organize all the yards of goodies. Currently they are all in clear totes so it takes a while to find what you’re looking for.

      Thank, I will save the link!

      The shirt is for our group. They also have tote bags too!


  2. Ugh I don’t miss the large amounts of snow. I grew up near Minneapolis and spent 11 yrs in the snow belt of Ohio. I like snow for like a day and then I soooo over it! Hope you get a reprieve from it soon.

    Oh shoot I meant to wear red! I have a niece with CHD. She is a healthy happy 21 yr old now. But the early years were scary.

    Feel better soon!


    1. I tell ya, I say each year I’m MOVING SOUTH, yet here I am! Lol Crazy weather is now working toward the 50s. Go figure!

      Thanks for sharing about your niece. It makes my load a lot lighter ever time I hear of a happier outcome from CHD. Glad she is doing well.

      Thanks, was able to sleep a lot better last night so I feel more like myself today! Now I need to get sewing!


  3. That is a whole lot of snow! I’m sorry you wore yourself out with all that shoveling. Get plenty of rest and let your body heal.

    Nice fabrics.

    I need to make some of that pressing liquid. Problem is that if I buy vodka, it may or may not make it into the recipe – hee hee.

    I went to the post office today and got a big envelope, brought it home and stuffed. I hope to get it in the mail tomorrow or on Thursday at the latest.


    1. YES it was the most we have had in a while, I should be used to it as I’ve lived in Iowa all my life. Feeling a lot better today, thanks. I think age is starting to be a factor…grrrrrr!!!

      LOL at your vodka comment. I am not a drinker so it would be just for the spray.

      Excited to get something beside bills in the mail! Yay!!! Thanks a bunch!


  4. I am still using best press but may have to start making my own. My local quilt shop nearby has a refill program for the best press if you buy the first bottle from them you can refill it at a discount. So right now that’s what I have been doing but I feel like I run out too fast to be running up there all the time, lol. I need to just make a VAT of it.

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    1. That’s a neat program. The candle shop in the village does that here… I have a few favorite glass candle jars that I get refilled at a discount.

      I think a gallon of spray would hold you over for a bit! Maybe?? Lol


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