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TTMT #458 – Rainbows & Plans



14 thoughts on “TTMT #458 – Rainbows & Plans

  1. Happy early vacation! I totally need one.
    Can’t wait to see the magic you work in the sewing room with the remodel.
    I’m so excited about staranger things. Going to have to whip something up. Matthew and I just love the show. This is going to be epic!
    Enjoy your break with your hubby and friends.


    1. It’s more of a mini-vacation, four days, really, but we need it! It’s been a long year already.

      Dying to redo my sewing room. I dreamed I had finished it and was so disappointed to wake up and it not be done!

      Yes, please do design something for Stranger Things! ♥

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  2. Redoing a craft room is bothe exciting and daunting. I try to purge my room every couple of years. All the little extras can really pile up after awhile.

    Happy mini vacation! You’ve been very busy.


    1. I do little clean outs occasionally but boy am I need of a big one now!. What I neglected to say was that with the exception of a dresser, everything in my sewing room was leftover from somewhere else in the house, so it’s a lot of crazy odds and ends. I’m looking forward to having just what I want instead of making do with leftovers!

      Thanks! Can’t wait for our little trip!


  3. Happy Vacation! I could use one of those!
    If oops I mean when I make another POD, I love that book for the label.

    Can what to see you redo! I need some inspiration. I keep moving things around and never quite love the arrangement.


  4. Have a wonderfull vacation , I hope you get to rest and have fun. Eat drink and be merry. I cant wait to see your new sewing room layout and what fun to have someone to share the space with xx


  5. Have a grand time next week; you so deserve to take a little time for you and hubby. And you’re going to need to rest up before the big room makeover! Looking forward to seeing the end results.


  6. I skipped over a few to watch yours because, well, needs must. 😀

    The hearts were just terrific. And you have made such amazing progress on the rainbow cascade. I can’t wait to see it all done!

    I want to completely empty my room and start over but “now is not the time number one”. ;).I made a lot of progress when I made room for the contraption, but there is still much work to be done. I saw my library was having a book drive so instead of donating some of my books to a thrift store I might donate them to the library.

    Looking forward to hearing about the vacation. And seeing the room emerge from its chrysalis!


    1. I cleaned out a bunch of books recently, most went to Cancer Services who has a bookcase that they put donated books in and clients (cancer patients, survivors and care givers) can pick them up to take home to read. My quilting books and magazines that I was willing to let go of went to my local quilt guild for their library.

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    2. Delayed gratification is generally a thing that works well for me. If I know I can’t redo my room until I finish Rainbow, then guess what?! Inspiration!

      My bookcases don’t actually have any books on them. They are stuffed with fabric and office supplies. 😛


  7. I hope you had a great trip!

    Bet you’re really looking forward to redoing that room… how nice will it be to have it just the way you want it?

    The heart pattern is really great… I somehow missed that when you posted it – I really like it! (And I’m a miserly cow who usually hates all things heart-shaped ;-))

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