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TTMT #4 Lots of Meandering with a side beasts!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #4 Lots of Meandering with a side beasts!

  1. I love the meandering heart quilting. Your charity quit was a great way to use the denim and strips. Sounds like you’ve been having fun trying different quilt designs.

    I love making hexies. They’re a great mindless project.


  2. Woo, love the FBQAL finish!

    I had totally forgotten about the loft you built. It’s so brilliant.

    I love seeing the denim charity quilt in 3D. It looks so cozy!

    Your quilting choices are just perfect. Stars and hearts and Christmas lights, oh my!

    It’s always so strange to pick up something new and have it go sooo slow. I haven’t tried hexi piecing, but I have seen some really neat projects made from them.


  3. Hi, Nice to meet you. I went backwards to see your videos. I am in Bunn, NC. There seems to be a lot of us in NC 🙂 I have seen your work in the past too. You have some wonderful designs. I have done a couple of hexie blocks and that is how far I got LOL (just a couple) However I do want to do the Brimfield Block if you have heard of that one. If not check it out 🙂


    1. Nice to meet you too! We certainly do have small pack growing here in NC. 😁 I am over between W-S & Greensboro sort north of both. Not far from Susan at all. I moved to NC in 2014 from Ohio. I don’t think I’ve been that far west in the state yet. I got my HandiQuilter in Wake Forest which is fairly close to you. My youngest son is at UNC-CH. I sort of get that direction at times. More often I’m heading towards Asheville where I have family.

      I love the yarn! I only do a little crochet and knitting. And yet I have small hoard of pretty yarn 😁


  4. Wow , your fantastic beasts quilt is great , I really need to finish my first one and then I plan to do a reversal quilt with the suitcase on the back, yours is amazing.

    Your quilting is really nice , i love the Christmas lights and the hearts, you keep so busy xx


    1. Thank You. I was lucky enough to test for Vanda on it. Hence, why it was basically done and the smaller version was completed earlier. My first FB is probably my next to be quilted. I made queen size and pulling paper has taken an very long time. It’s worth the wait. It will be Fantastic Guest bedding 😁


  5. Your quilting is beautiful – the hearts, stars and lights are perfection! I love the FBQAL and I have a feeling your daughter is going to love it on her loft bed. I have your ribbon hearts pattern and I am looking forward to making a quilt with it. However, I have GOT to get a few quilts done before I can start on anything new.

    Whenever you are ready to start quilting for $, let me know. I would love to hire you for some of mine!


  6. I love the quilting on your quilts. Are you free-handing that or do you have robotics for your quilting? I’m thinking I might try the heart meander that would be great for a Linus quilt.


    1. Thanks I do both but these I used the computer. I pretty comfortable free hand quilting an meandering but I’m trying make friends with ProStitcher. I am going to be doing a lot edge to edge quilting as tool to practice getting used othering things like tension, thread, needle, batting, etc. Just learning how to deal with different variations and quilts with other issues of maybe not laying flat and such. So many possible issues to encounter, I’m just get comfortable with working through as many as possible. My 1st Fanstaic Beast I deciding if want to 100 percent free hand or a combination of both. I will outline the beast but after that I haven’t made up my mind.
      If you are comfortable meandering adding hearts or stars is fairly easy.


  7. All the quilting is great, but I totally love the hearts – for many reasons! 🙂 You did an awesome job on her loft bed as well! She is one fortunate little girl! It gives me a few ideas for Jaxon’s room later!


        1. So many great things to see in this video! I really like your stripes and denim quilt – it turned out so cute. And the FB suitcase! I haven’t seen the movie so I don’t know much about the stuff in it, but it looks really fantastic – and great idea extending the size just a little. (I always prefer quilts big enough to sleep under, even though I kind of hate sewing them sometimes. Or maybe I should say I get bored of sewing them sometimes :D) Great quilting choices all around!


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