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TTMT #257 – jewells68 – February 13, 2018 – Rainbow Signature Fini!

It’s done!!! *throws confetti* The Rainbow signature quilt for my chorus director is finished. Hoping to get it into her hands this week. What am I going to work on next????? Tune in next week to find out.

16 thoughts on “TTMT #257 – jewells68 – February 13, 2018 – Rainbow Signature Fini!

  1. Yay for signature quilt finish! It really is perfect. It looks so good. The Boundless fabric is DELICIOUS.

    Your quilting looks amazing. I love how swoopy it is! Binding is perfect. Signatures look great. SO GOOD!

    WOO for only burying one set of threads! So glad all of my trial and error suggestions have helped.

    The label blends just perfectly with the back. Using the same fabric was a good choice.

    FINISHED. Boom!

    Omg, your neighbor at the end…


    1. This contraption. I have a love hate relationship with it. The ratchets suck so bad.. But quilting a whole quilt in a day… is worth have sore muscles the next two days from fighting with the ratchets.I am pretty darn proud of how the quilting turned out on this one. I had been thinking of trying rulers, but I don’t think I am coordinated enough. I would probably sew thought my finger again, lol. Someday I would love to have a machine long enough to quilt an entire 12″ quilt block . 21″ maybe? Not sure if 16 or 18 would be big enough. The label was perfect , thank you so much for making it. And for basically designing a quilt just for me!
      My neighbor… omg. I was like, I swear I’m not talking to you. She probably thinks I am totally insane.


  2. Lol your ending is hilarious!
    The signature quilt is so lovely. It just has the happy uplifting loved feeling you want to send a friend in need. I am a huge warm and natural fan. I’m obsess over the crinkle after washing. Just makes me happy 😁

    Sending prayers and good thoughts to your friend.


    1. Haha, yeah, she has come by when I had quilts up for filming before but I could NOT get her to realize I wasn’t talking to her.
      I have used warm and natural a lot, but it was my first time using warm and white. that stuff got EVERYWHERE. Gotta love that crinkle!
      She’s a lovely lady and means so much to all of us.


  3. I love the quilt and am so glad you got it finished , it turned out awesome and I am sure the person getting it could feel the love you put into it.

    he he your neighbour at the end had me in stitches. xx


    1. I loved the quilt too, it was definitely worth chasing everyone around for their signature.

      She’s a little old lady that goes for a walk every morning. She’s come by before when I was hanging a quilt for filming so she always comes over to take a look at the quilt. But she just did not understand that I was not talking to her.


  4. It’s done, it’s done, it’s done – hip hip hooray! And it is beautifully done. The quilting is great, the binding is wonderful and the sentiment behind it is inspiring. Well done you.

    Also yay for getting more comfortable with the contraption.

    Love the out-take with your neighbor.


    1. I’m ecstatic that it is done. And so happy with the results. You’re right, I am getting more comfortable with the contraption. I will master it yet!

      Hehehe, she was too cute, but was driving me nuts because she just could not understand why I was standing in my yard talking if it wasn’t to her.


    1. Thanks so much! The boundless fabric worked great. The botanicals in particular although the white worked out well too. My only complaint is the strips were often not really 2.5″ wide. But as far as the quality of the fabric and softness after washing they were great and it didn’t bleed at all.

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