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TTMT 2-6-18 on 2-7-18 (Almost made it on time 1:00 am)

Happy birthday Robin!

7 thoughts on “TTMT 2-6-18 on 2-7-18 (Almost made it on time 1:00 am)

  1. You really got a move on with your PoD blocks!

    When I quilted my very first Harry Potter quilt (pre-PoD), I only used my walking foot. I still love the straight line quilting. I really like what you’re doing with your quilting. The background of your blocks is perfect!

    Oh my, you were up late! Last week was such a crazy week for so many people. I do hope your hubby is better.

    I love that you gave me a book! That is just the sweetest thing!

    I do love hearing about your grandbaby. And another baby to make a quilt for, lucky you!! ♥


  2. I love your POD blocks , they are awesome. So sorry that your Husband is sick , hope he is feeling better know. All those POD quilts you are making and all those babies , the bugs life quilt sounds great and I am sure that they will love it.xx


  3. I missed this post somehow! I love your quilting on the blocks. If you haven’t finished with it already, and still want to do more on the cauldron, you might just echo the outline of the cauldron but on the inside. Just use the seam line as your guide and line up the right edge of your walking foot with the seam line and just basically “outline” it again, but on the inside. However, that being said, if you have stitched in the ditch around all the objects/books in a block, and your batting pkg lets you stitch a wide distance apart, you shouldn’t really need to stitch any more unless you just want to.

    The bug quilt sounds fun! I’m sure they will love that.


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