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Best Laid Plans…

6 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans…

  1. Omg The HP Escape room is fabulous! I can’t tell you how often I have the same conversation about selling my quilts. Not only don’t they get it, they also start naming Walmart prices. I usually offer to help them learn😁


  2. The set up (or the half you took pictures of) is lovely. You always do such a good job with that.

    I am happy to see you and hear about what is going on in your life whether you’ve been crafting or not.

    Ooo, ooo, ooo, I think I know the answer to why you keep accepting invitations to make presentations – because it is something you have a passion for! Sometimes a “new” passion kind of usurps an older one for a while simply because it is new and the older one feels old. However, you will go back to your old love. You are not cheating, just taking a break.

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  3. I was shocked when you said the turnout for your HP event was low. When I worked at the school I made sure to follow a few key steps to get a good crowd. 1 hype up the students and get them involved. 2. Provide refreshments 3. Have a drawing or door prizes.

    Love your set up, you rocked it!

    I hope to do an Escape room with my children when my oldest cones home for her birthday in April.

    I get people saying to sell things too. So that’s when I will design a pattern (like the Radiant Blossom yoga wall hanging) and sell those.

    I feel ya on the vertical struggle. It is sooo real. Hang in there!


  4. I totally understand the issue with being Hobbit Sized as I like to think of it, I am the same height myself and its not fun when your feet are in the air and not grounded. Love the Harry Potter Escape room idea, sounds like alot of fun.


  5. The escape room looks great!

    I am now only 5′ 2.5″ (formerly 5’4″) and I feel your pain on the table situation. If you have access to ikea you might want to just get a top there and some of their adjustable height legs. I have considered ordering the legs from amazon and just trying to find a desk/table top from the hardware store or remove one from a table at the thrift store. I’m still not happy with my current set up. I think I just need to part with more of my stuff.


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