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TTMT #8 | Fabrics, Facts and Fun Finds | 02/06/2018

Lots of “F” words today! lol

I took a trip to Walmart and JoAnn on Saturday for the rest of my PoD fabric plus some extras. February is National Heart Month so I’ve included a little info, but you can look things up as well. There are pics from a few people that showed their support for my grandson last Friday ❤❤❤

I have been quilting on a project for my mom that she is gifting to someone, so no pics of that until it is received by the recipient.

Have a creative week!


12 thoughts on “TTMT #8 | Fabrics, Facts and Fun Finds | 02/06/2018

  1. You found some fun fabrics. The bricks look very realistic.

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen quilt projects stored in baskets. I like It. Plenty of room for fabric and patterns.

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  2. You hit the jackpot on those fabrics. I really like the bricks and wood. You are so much more methodical than I am in the planning stages.

    I will be more than happy to send you some scraps. You can send me your address to Don’t even think about sending me reimbursement for the postage! I’ll just be happy to clear up some space here and that they are going to a good home.


    1. It’s a curse and a blessing… my planning. I have to often just cut myself short or I’d never get started on a project.
      Heading over to email toy once I address all my contents here. Thank you so much.


  3. Those wood grains that Joann’s has now are amazingly gorgeous. I love my wood grain in my PoD but it’s great to see more of that stuff out there now. You are so meticulous in your planning, those PoDs are going to be amazing.

    I DID google Jaxon’s condition. I hope all is going well with him and your family. He’s got a wonderful grandma cheering him on.

    I like your sign! I really need to personalize my space more.


    1. Awww thank you for becoming aware! I am his #1 cheerleader. His medical team is so amazed with him. We keep hearing that he does not look like the heart babies they are used to. He had gained weight continually without extra supplements. He has not turned blue since he was in his 1st weeks!!! They took him off of the medication…that was HUGE! So my hope is that he won’t need and surgery for a very long time.

      I saw those signs in a mini size at JoAnn… just too cute! Go for it!!! Personalize your space. You spend a great deal of time there, make it reflect your spirit!


  4. Thank you for sharing the information about National Heart Month. ♥ I will have to see if I have any red in my closet!

    You really got some fun fabric for your quilt and I like that you’ve got everything planned out and all of your fabrics sorted out!

    I hadn’t seen the Map fabric in knit. How fun!

    I love the way you said “a certain age.” I have been hearing that more and more lately!

    Your heart pattern is on Sewhooked. 🙂


    1. No problem… trying my best to spread awareness! Awww thank you for the efforts to wear red, it is greatly appreciated.

      Remember when I mentioned that my planning is both a blessing and a curse? So so true and its a thin line between lol. Once i get a vision in my head, oh boy!

      I totally love the knit MM… I wish I could have afforded more so I could sew all the things!

      Yeah that darn certain age is about to get on my last nerve! Why don’t they just spit out an actual number?!

      Thanks, Idk why I forever get the two mixed up when I clearly know the difference. Guess its that certain age kicking in! Lol


  5. Love all your fabric finds and the maps in knit I am very jealous of, you cant get them here unless you pay an extreme amount for them. A sleep suit would be cool or how about some leggings or a raglan top for you, patterns for pirates has a great pattern for a raglan, time for some for you sewing .

    Will have to see if I have any read in my wardrobe xx


    1. I hate that the fabrics are not available for everyone without selling a kidney just to buy some. I sent HP fabrics to a few people one year and one was in the UK, postage was crazy!

      I never even thought about making something for myself with the map fabric. I need to do that more often. I’ll look into it! Thanks for the ideas.

      I hope you can find something red! Love the support!


  6. Great fabric choices… that leathery print is perfect for a sorting hat. Oh wow… I like that brick print too. Fun.

    Oh I love seeing people scraps all sorted by colour… so pretty!

    Jaxon is SO cute. What a gorgeous baby. I was reading in your other comments that his doctors are really impressed with how well he’s doing – that’s so good to read! It sounds like he’s got a great cheerleader and advocate in his grandma 😀


    1. Thank you. I used to draw a lot before I had my children so fabrics are my canvases and the sewing machine have become my new sketch pencils… I study this fabrics like crazy and hoard them until just the right project!.

      I agree, sorted scraps make me smile… it’s like my own personal rainbow, without the rain!

      Thank you, yes it is always a relief to hear all the good reports during his cardio appointments. I am his #1 fan for sure!!!


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