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TTMT #29 HSTs Galore



12 thoughts on “TTMT #29 HSTs Galore

    1. Every fabric deserves a home, right? Someone went through the process of making them so they should become a quilt. They’re not my style of fabrics but they are growing on me. I think it will be fine once they are all together.


      1. I feel the same way. I rescued two quilt tops in November that weren’t my style but made lovely finished quilts that were donated to someone in need. I think the blocks are wonderful scrappy blocks.


  1. That rooster!!!! So silly cute!
    You have been going to town on those HSTs. That is going to make a gorgeous scrappy quilt.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You get to celebrate a whole week – starting with your birthday and ending on Valentine’s Day.

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  2. The scrap blocks look great. I think as you get them all assembled it’s going to grow on you more and more until you love it by the time you are done.

    The socks look great. What are you marking on the sole, is that color changes or just counting so your next sock will match?

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    1. I use stitch markers to mark each 10 rounds on the socks. I was spending too much time counting and recounting the rounds to see if I was ready for the heel or the ribbing. Definitely helps to keep the socks close to matching.


  3. Belated birthday wishes! I hope you had a great day.

    The sock looks really great… it’s a nice yarn.

    The scrappy HSTs are neat too… there’s something special about scrappy quilts that can make even slightly ugly (or at least just not your style) fabrics into something special πŸ˜€


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