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My First Share


11 thoughts on “My First Share

  1. Welcome Sarah!! It definitely gets easier as you go along.

    Your knitting looks amazing. Thrilled to see another knitter over here. Your cable sock is gorgeous. I love cables but I’m a vanilla sock knitter all the way.

    Your Abc quilt is beautiful.


  2. Welcome Sarah! It’s good to have you here. Your knitting is VERY impressive. I love the ribbing for the border of that shawl. I’m a child of the 50s and teenager in the 60s and I have had my share of fringe too. That sock pattern looks quite complex. I have knitted, but it has been a long time ago and never anything like that.

    I’ve been thinking of doing an alphabet quilt for my grandson, but I think that may have to wait until next year.

    You did a good job on your first video.


  3. Welcome! I am a newbie as well. I lived in Houston for a few years around 2000.
    Those socks are going to be fabulous! I have no such skills with yarn. I have done some knitting and crotchet but never anything complicated. I’m looking forward to seeing you completed socks.

    Your quilt is really beautiful. I love an Alphabet quilt.

    Keep coming back! It’s a fun group.


  4. Welcome! It’s nice to put a face to the name “Sarah from Houston”. 🙂 Also nice to have more yarn crafters in addition to the quilters around here. I started as a knitter, then learned to crochet, THEN learned to quilt. I mostly quilt now, but generally have a crochet project on the hook most of the time.I generally only knit occasionally these days. I love the look of knitting however, and am impressed with all the patterning since I only ever do stockinette when it comes to socks.

    That’s a fun twist on the traditional alphabet quilt, I like it! I’m sure your granddaughter will love it.

    Again welcome, you did a great job on your first video and I hope we get to hear and see you again. 🙂


  5. I remember being so scared to make my first video back when we were on Live Journal. It does get easier (and I need to make one someday soon!), but you look like a pro, very relaxed.

    Back years ago weavers used to leave fringe on everything, but it’s definitely on the “outs” these days…if you have fringe it needs to be plied or finished in some way.

    Welcome to the group – looks like the Texas membership is in competition with the North Carolina membership! 🙂


  6. Welcome Sarah! Your knitting is lovely….it reminds me of the fine work my grandmother could do. I’m always in awe of such complicated stitches (I have knitted a grand total of one scarf in my lifetime).

    The lettering on your quilt is gorgeous, too! Looks like an illuminated manuscript. Looking forward to seeing the progress on that.

    Again, Welcome!


  7. Yay, Sarah, what a wonderful introduction!

    Your knitting is always so beautiful. That sock is something else!

    Look at your quilt, doesn’t it look fabulous?!

    I’m so pleased to see you here. You did great and I promise it does get easier. ♥


  8. Welcome Sarah

    I am so sorry i missed your video last week , the week kind of got away from me. Welcome, I love seeing the knitting, my Grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8 but I have since forgotten everything and look like a confused octopus when I try to knit, my co-ordination sucks. So I love seeing all the knitting here, I also love the ideal of a mystery sock , but in my head I kind of had a sock puppet Miss Marple pictured. your quilt is awesome and I cant wait to see it finished.


  9. Welcome Sarah!

    The Random Act of Colour looks so pretty.. love that colour combo! Your knitting all looks beautiful – you do a really great job of it. And that quilt, wow – the lettering is really beautiful.


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