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TTMT#28 First finish of 2018!


6 thoughts on “TTMT#28 First finish of 2018!

  1. I really love your Color Chip challege picks. You are tying in all the themes so nicely!

    I am also trying to actually gets some quilts for “Us” in the house.I have them in the house, but own bed has a plain comforter because I never get around to doing one for us. My guest bed even has multiple quilt options, but not mine.


  2. TA DA! Hooray for finishes!!!

    Oh shoot!!! I forgot to sign Vicky’s quilt too!

    The Mattisse paint chip colors and design are great. And the Irish greens quilt is lovely. I started making a quilt for us last year and hope to have it finished before Christmas this year.


  3. The new finish looks really great! I’m sure he’ll love it. I don’t like labelling things either and I never really do. (Only if I make minis and I’m sending them away for swaps.)

    Oh Matisse is a great idea for translating into fabric.

    Ack. I also forgot to sign Vicky’s block… she’s going to have a bunch without.

    I like I like that green quilt better your way than the pattern’s way. It’s really nice!


  4. First finish of the year woohoo!! We’re down in Florida and my oldest has always loved the Steelers. No clue how he decided that.

    I love your paint chip project. My first thought was a bright red but I wonder if a lime green might also work?


  5. I very nearly forgot to sign Vicky’s block, but Jennifer mentioned it the morning I was planning to mail it so I caught it just in time. She’s going to just have to write each person’s name as they arrive so she knows which is which I guess.

    I love the green quilt, it’s lovely. I have no quilts made by me on any of the beds in the house, or even the sofa. The two I have finished for myself (xfiles and PoD) are ones I wanted to hang. I do plan to get at least one done for the sofa/bed this year.

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