TTMT Video

TTMT – Now with sound

I have uploaded this once already but forgot to check my sound settings , and it was all silent , ahhhh. Anyway here it is hope you all have a fab week xx

8 thoughts on “TTMT – Now with sound

  1. I love your applique blocks! I have watched a lot of her tutorials at Shiny Happy World. It seemed like her QAYG on her cat quilt was applique first, then quilt around the applique, but I kind of like this idea better. She has some really cute patterns.

    I hope you get settled into your new room quickly and that the jobs work out well. I wish I had worked at school when Phebe was young so I could have summers off with her. Less money for the family, but we would have had some fun times to look back on instead of her always going to the YMCA day camp.


    1. The appliqué really pops off the blocks and looks really cool, I love doing it that way, plus it is so much easier then trying to quilt a big quilt on my machine.

      I love working at the school and your right it does mean that I get hold with the kids. The money side can be a kicker but the childcare costs here are so expensive I would be working to pay them and not a lot else xx


  2. Ah, your applique is so very cute! QAYG is such a good option for finishing a quilt at home. I’ve only done one or two, but it works out quite lovely.

    Oh, vinyl flooring, how perfect for a sewing space! I, too, have found many a pin with my foot. The one bonus to being forced to wear shoes all the time (because bad feet…) is that my shoe gets it instead of me!


  3. Oh I love you appliqué blocks. They are very sweet. I look forward to seeing the finished top.
    I would love hard flooring in my sewing room. I am a very messy quilter and the carpet is a mess. It’s rather amazing I’m not stuck in the foot with pins often.


  4. I’ve been watching Shiney Happy World videos too and am planning to use that technique for my new PoD.

    Your blocks are very nice. I like the various green backgrounds.

    I wish I had vinyl in my sewing room. I am such a messy quilter and threads and scraps and pins would be so much easier to get up! And I too seem to have no problem finding pins with my feet! I try to remember not to go in there without shoes but if you’re just running in to get one thing . . .


  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    Ahh… those bears and squirrels are adorable! They’re all cute, but those are my favourite.

    I’ve often had problems with Heat N Bond brand fusible. I’m not sure why… I think like you thought that it’s about the iron temperature.. you can kind of kill is pretty easily. (Or I always did when I used it!) I tend to use… hm. I’ve forgotten the brand name. I feel like I’ve tried them all, but my favourite is the one that takes the hottest heat because I never adjust the settings on my iron 😀 Anyway, you’ll have to be careful with that fabric that you don’t get that glue onto your iron – it’s such a hassle to clean off!


  6. I’m a huge fan of shiny happy world too. It’s so much easier to quilt the piece then add the appliqué.

    Vinyl flooring is much better than carpet for a craft room. Sounds like hubby needs a wall hanging for his office.


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