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TTMT #7 | It’s NOT Tuesday | 01/30/2018

Hi All!

This is my shortest video so far. It’s because I have very limited time this week and needed to get it recorded, edited and uploaded [when I could fit it into my schedule] so I could post it on Tuesday. I’m a bit of a procrastinator so I wanted to be sure to get this and all the other things on the list done.

I did get the planning finished for the PoD – which has now turned into TWO PoDs! One will be a gift so I won’t post anything in my TTMT videos about that one. The other I will share progress pictures from time to time.

I have a few extra daycare business obligations, a training class, a family meeting and some other things added to my normal busy week, so here’s to hoping that next week will be a bit more boring. I hope everyone has a great week!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #7 | It’s NOT Tuesday | 01/30/2018

  1. I think PoD’s must be like potato chips – you can’t make just one! πŸ™‚
    How awesome that the little girl in your daycare is making baby hats after you taught her!


  2. I love those hats. I think it is great that you are teaching those kids to use their talents to help others. Priceless!

    The fabrics you’ve chosen are beautiful.

    By the way, I don’t think you could be boring if you tried!


  3. Your fabric choices are great and I love how well planned everyone’s POD`s are this time around.

    The hats are so cute and its a lovely thing to pass on the crafty skills and love to another generation.

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  4. Those stone fabrics are so great. I have some of the grey in my stash.

    I love the story about your daycare kiddo knitting on a loom. I learned so much from the wonderful woman who ran the daycare I went to and I remember that so fondly.

    Love your pigtails!

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  5. That is so nice that the young lady in your daycare is already making things for others. Spread the love! πŸ™‚

    I love that feature at Joann’s too. It is safer than shopping in the store. I can put stuff in my cart gradually here and there and then place the order. The store is nearby so I don’t mind swinging by to pick it up. But if I shop in store I buy stuff I don’t REALLY need.


  6. Love, love, love the background fabrics you picked out. And I LOVE the wood fabric too! I haven’t seen that at my Joann’s store. You found it online?


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