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TTMT #457 – Sweet Reflections

Swappers! An email is coming your way in the next hour!


15 thoughts on “TTMT #457 – Sweet Reflections

  1. Well Hello There Jennifer R, Haha
    There have been a few things over the years that I feel like we have overlapped in common paths or experiences. Such as, Geeky Video Game Loving Physics Obessed Muscian offspring for one 🤓 I’m glad my post reminded you of your fabrics. I truly love a quilt that draws up memories and reflection. I will have to post a quilt my husband brought home for his dad’s house last fall. His grandmother made it out of suits and dresses. It’s is failing apart but I am determined to rehab it.


    1. We do have weirdly overlapping worlds, don’t we?!

      I’d love to see that quilt! Rehabbing a quilt can be so much work, but it’s totally worth it for something really special. I have some of my grandmother’s more unusual quilts made from all variety of random things. On my “someday” list is to recreate the wacky designs she made by sewing together whatever she had.


  2. I love the quilt that you are going to make out of all your little buts of memory . i have a whole butch of the kiddos baby clothes which I want to make into a quilt but am still trying to decide how.

    I am so excited to be the first swapee , if that`s even a word.

    I posted my blocks to Julia when I sent the package to you last week so hopefully that gets to you all safe and sound xx


  3. I have tons of 2.5” squares and triangles that I would like to start stitching into blocks. Maybe I’ll join you ladies and start making them this year.


  4. OMG I am so glad I made time to watch this this morning. I was going to post to Vicky today and had TOTALLY forgotten to sign my block again. Sheesh!

    I love that memory quilt so much. I think it would be so much easier to part with some of the fabric I have saved if I did something like this. Thank you for putting together a layout/instructions because otherwise I would be lost. I have started cutting squares from last bits of strips from my swap blocks as I make them so that I have a stash ready for something like this.

    You are making great project on your ginormous Rainbow Cascade I hope to start doing more of these blocks by mid-Feb.


    1. Sign those blocks, lol!

      It’s definitely been easier to throw away bits and pieces too small to use now that I know what the fabric is going in to. I’m hoping to get my next done today. As soon as I cut all the squares, I knew what I wanted to do, so of course, jumped on EQ and started plotting!

      My other project for today is fabric pull for the rest of the Rainbow blocks. I’ve decided to precut ALL of them before I sew anymore. That has made the biggest difference in my getting them done.


  5. Can’t wait to see your Sweet Reflections quilt, nothing like all those memories! A cousin passed in December and her children asked me to make a quilt from her clothes…I may use this idea!

    I think I must have joined back in too late because I don’t have the 2018 block swap info. I was supposed to ask about it when we received the other special blocks file but of course life happened and it went right out the window. I’ll have to make sure that I get in on the 2019 swap :o)


    1. I’ve made a couple of memory quilts, but this is the first one for myself that I’m making from scratch. I had finished a couple of my Grannie’s quilts and those were so special. The real difference for this one is that every scrap of fabric has brought back memories I had forgotten I’d had!

      Oh, I am sorry about the swap! Sign-ups were in November/December to give everyone plenty of time to make blocks. I’m loving that we’re swapping quilt blocks this year and think that might be next year, too! Definitely jump in for 2019!

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  6. I totally forgot to sign my block for Vicky! I had read that in the original file, but I have a general aversion to writing on fabric and think I blocked it out .. haha 😀 I’ll be sure to do it on the rest though.

    The memory quilt looks really great! It’s a really neat pattern… really simple, but having the different backgrounds and swapping around placements makes something special out of it. And then in your version all those special fabrics makes it even better. It’s going to be really lovely.


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