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TTMT #3 Labels Labels Labels


10 thoughts on “TTMT #3 Labels Labels Labels

  1. Woah, that is some stack of labels! Labeling is one of my favorite things, it’s completion I guess.

    I want to reach out and pet your Fav Things. It looks so good.

    Whew, I teared up a bit when you were discussing your m-i-l. I had a similar experience and sewing my way through it was a big part of it.


  2. Thank You for the fantastic pattern. I forgot to add photos of the quilting. It’s happy bubbles😁

    Everyday I think of her and when I am sewing it is particularly intense. She and I really bonded over quilting. I do feel I will always feel close to her when quilting. It was generational in her family. She didn’t have daughters. She was delighted to have a quilter d-i-l and as I was to have her as a m i l. It is going to us a long time. Her death was unexpected and sudden. And really heart breaking things have been learned since her death that are making it a longer process. But I am soooo grateful to have some of her projects to finish and a completed quilt of hers. My kids have quilts from her as well.


  3. You know your a quilter when you sew your way though something that is hurting you. I totally get why you want to hold on to the quilt.

    Love all your quilts and so many labels. I really need to start labelling my quilts I just have never gotten around to it. xx

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  4. Your favorite things looks amazing. Your choice of background fabric makes everything look like they’re floating.

    Carpool and parent pickup lines are great for getting things done.

    Great job getting your labels done. I’m terrible about labeling quilts.


  5. I love the My Favorite Things quilt – positively beautiful.

    I love that you are finishing your mother-in-law’s quilts. Sounds like you and she had a wonderful relationship.


  6. Your MFT quilt looks amazing, great fabric choices and quilting.
    I kind of took a bit of a hiatus from crafting when my mom died, but not too long. I crocheted so much at the hospital that I almost didn’t want to ever crochet again. But it’s so true that we often craft our way through the pain. It’s wonderful that you get to finish her quilts. I have a top I found in my mom’s closet. It is sad that I don’t know if it was made by her mother or her sister. They were both quilters, but my mom was not. One of these days I’ll get brave enough to try to quilt it.


  7. I started quilting after my dad died 6 years ago. My first project was the Harry Potter 5 in. square paper piecing quilt. It helped me work through my grief. I think we all need a little crafting in our life.


  8. The My Favourite Things quilt looks fantastic… I love that background and layout.

    The other quilts look really nice too… especially the Missing Block quilt. It’s a really nice layout on top of obviously having a lot of meaning for you.


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