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TTMT #28 Time flies when you’re having fun


8 thoughts on “TTMT #28 Time flies when you’re having fun

  1. The only way I noticed that cut was when you put your finger next to it and told us what we were looking at. Looks great to me, and I think you’re right, if it’s a wallhanging it really won’t matter much. It’s a very pretty design.

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  2. Rare bear is so cute and colorful. And the wall hanging is very nice. The little slits are not at all noticeable unless you point them out and even then you have to get really really close.

    I like the little thread catcher/candy dishes.

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  3. Your first rare bear is really cute! That’s nice to not have to stuff them first. It will definitely make it easier to mail.
    I like the thread catchers. I think I would be more likely to use it as something else (candy or saftery pins or buttons or something) because thread would stick to the fabric and not want to be emptied out.
    The heart wall hanging is cute! what about making a little flower out of lace, or even adding another, smaller heart, that’s a different color, over the slits if you want to cover them? Although I don’t really think they need to be covered, but it might be fun to decorate it that way.

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    1. I completely agree about the thread catchers for the most part. Thread does stick like crazy but it is helpful when I’m stitching in the living room with the cats all around me. Things tend to get knocked over often with the fur balls around lol. Thread catchers are pretty popular with the floss tubers (cross stitchers on YouTube) but I’ve always preferred a snack size baggie. Thread catchers are prettier than my baggie though lol.

      I’m just going to let the hearts hang there until I feel inspired. I honestly think I’ll just applique the hearts down and quilt the rest. It’s the edge that I’m pondering. I think I want to echo the shape of the hearts but I’m not sure if I can make it even. It’s going to take a little trial and error with paper I believe.


  4. That’s really too bad about the heart wall-hanging, but it looks beautiful and really doesn’t stand out anyway. Unless you know what to look for, you’d never know anything was wrong.

    Rare Bear looks great! Good job!

    The thread catchers look great.. I don’t really like using fabric thread catchers much – the threads stick to it and don’t empty easily… far better to through it in a dish or something like that that you can just empty without effort 😀 Candy dishes works, though!

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