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TTMT #256 – jewells68 – January 30, 2018 – Making a Rainbow

Rainbow Signature quilt is coming along… I ramble a bit about the folly of buying used stuff without executing due diligence, and show off my first Project Linus donation of the year. Go Pats!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #256 – jewells68 – January 30, 2018 – Making a Rainbow

    1. I loved how the c2c blanket turned out, but I got so bored making it I don’t think I will doing another one anytime soon.
      I had to take a break from the sig quilt to make sure I got Vicky’s block finished so I could mail it!
      If I could go back in time I would part with the big bucks and get a different machine and frame, but I have what I have and I’ll be damned if I let it win!


  1. Your C2C Afghan is lovely. I love finding crafty things at the hardware store! It’s even better if I tell one of the workers what I plan on using the item for.


    1. I love how that c2c blanket turned out, but I got really bored working on it so I probably won’t be doing another one anytime soon.

      I love just wandering around at Harbor Freight for little items I can incorporate into my hobby. Like the magnetic pin bowl… they have them for way cheaper than you buy them from crafty store.Or plastic clamps, or different types of small lights to use for things.


  2. The January Linus blanket is really lovely! Love those colors. And the signature quilt is coming along beautifully.

    Thank you for the PSA. By the way, that screenshot is priceless!

    Enjoy the game! I’ll pull for the Pats just for you. I only watch the game for the commercials.


    1. I loved how that crochet blanket turned out, but it was very boring to stitch, so I won’t be making another one using that method anytime soon.
      You know, if just one of you benefits from my inexperienced flailing around with this quilt frame thing, it will make all the flailing worthwhile.
      Go Pats! 🙂


  3. Go PATS!!!! Julie are you from New England? I’m a little anxious about this one. The Eagles are really good and they’ve got Chris Long and Legarrette Blount from last year’s Super Bowl team….yikes. Any way it’s going to be a good game! GOAT rules!


    1. My husband is a life-long Pats fan, he grew up in Connecticut. When I moved to New Mexico from Dallas to get married I decided that, since there is no team here I could adopt whatever team I wanted. Most folks here are Broncos, Cardinals, or Cowboys fans, but that wasn’t for me. I felt sorry for the Pats because they had never won a superbowl (Drew Bledsoe was still QB at the time), and figured I could “marry into” Pats fandom without seeming like a bandwagon fan since they weren’t a winning team. Anyway, it wasn’t long after that they won their first SB and it’s just continued from there. So basically what I am saying is you can thank me for all the Patriot superbowls, lol.


  4. I was just thinking to myself that that was some very jaunty music you used for the intro.. and then the name rolled by and it was called Jaunty something or other.

    Oh I like that diagonal crochet… that’s a neat pattern.

    It’s too bad you’ve had so many problems with that frame, but hopefully you’ll get your money’s worth anyway (and you’ll know better next time around and also you’ll have a much better idea of what to look for or what to avoid :D). You’ve very creative with the solutions to problems, anyway!


    1. So far I have only quilted 2 quilts on the frame. I feel like I should have been more productive to justify having this GIANT thing taking up ALL THE SPACE. It interferes with my design wall and though I love having the cutting table accessible from all sides I would love to have at least a few more feet in all directions in that room. And now that I have bought the queen size leaders I feel like I can’t take the frame down to crib size until I quilt some bigger quilts on it. Maybe what I need to do is lose 50 pounds so that I, at least, amd taking up less space! lol


      1. Does it take a lot of work/time getting changing the leaders for the frame? If it’s a lot of work it might not be worth changing it too often, but if you could swap back to the small size in between larger quilts (I feel like generally you make smaller quilts anyway, except for special occasions or special people). Save yourself a bit of space in the meantime.

        When my grandma died I was asked if I wanted her (hand-quilting) frame and also when a friend’s mother in law died I was offered her Grace frame (they gave me her Juki), but both times I’ve said no because of the space issue. The hand-quilting frame wouldn’t have ever been used for hand-quilting (also it was super low tech and I could probably build my own on the cheap if I ever had the space as I might have been able to use it for basting), but yeah… space. It’s at a premium.

        As a person who’s never been able to lose and keep off weight… I think it might be easier to remake the universe to suit me than to make me suit the universe 😀


        1. It’s a pain in the ass to change the frame size back and forth, so I am going to leave it this way for a while. I’mhoping it will encourage me to use up more of my stuff. Besides if I leave it big, I could technically quilt a couple of smaller quitls at the same time if I had big backing and batting and just placed the smaller tops on top side by side with just a week bit of space between. That would help me be more productive for Linus. It was supposed to come with plastic shelf beneath the contraption, but it was missing among all the other missing things. However, I keep meaning to get something to replace it, even just a few pieces of mdf. That would be sturdy enough to stack fabric bins on. If I could eventually get all the fabric moved to that shelf I could get rid of the chrome shelving and move my design wall into that space. It’s, as always, a work in progress. Just like me!


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