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TTMT #96


5 thoughts on “TTMT #96

  1. The quilt will be really wonderful. I think you will love the pop of the orange on those greys. I

    I kind of like the process of making binding as well. I mostly squeeze quiltmaking into small amounts of time throughout the week when I have the time and energy. Making binding is one of those things I can complete from start to finish in a relatively small amount of time.


  2. That quilt is gorgeous (said in my best Oprah voice)! And the solid orange is really going to pop. You have gotten so much done in a very short amount of time.

    It sounds like you are sorting out your room. My son is coming over this weekend to help me with mine. Wish us both luck.


  3. The Labyrinth looks amazing.. it’s such an impressive looking pattern. I do like the Tigerlily, but I think the only thing special about it is that it’s an orange they didn’t have anything quite like before. Sort of like Highlighter from a couple years ago… I mean, it’s yellow neon, which I wouldn’t think would work with all that many fabrics, but definitely filled a little hole in the Kona rainbow. They have an unbelievable number of blues and neutrals, but lots of holes elsewhere in the line-up.


  4. Woah, the quilt is looking fabulous. I’m sure the quilting will be brilliant.

    Thoughts on burying thread: even your quilts might be someone else’s someday. I have some that were my grandmother’s and they are absolute treasures.

    I don’t know I knew Matt worked on machines. Neat!


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