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TTMT#5 Skirt Suit – Part 1

Part 1 of my mix and match skirt suit: the pocket circle skirt. In which I confirm that cotton flannel (pajama fabric) is an excellent substitute for traditional wool suiting. Also proof that I should never record videos when tired. >_< This was a bit of a bear to edit and cobble together into something more or less cohesive. The thumbnail pretty well sums up the weirdness that went on while filming this. 😛


12 thoughts on “TTMT#5 Skirt Suit – Part 1

  1. Cute skirt! I can’t wait to see all of the suit pieces as you finish them.

    The cat is beautiful! I loved the bit where when you did the jazz hands and made a strange sound, the cat disappeared.

    Thank you for starting my day off with a giggle!


    1. Ironically my other cat looks almost identical. She’s much shier though, so it’s unlikely that she’ll show herself on camera.

      Heh, I’m usually good for a giggle, especially my tired antics.


  2. I really like the skirt, all my attempts have ended with too much fabric , I must try to adjust them. How about a cat or butterfly embroidery , both would go with the skirt colour. Silly Sarah is fun as always x


    1. Hrmm…if you have fabric already cut out for a too big at the waistline skirt you could try pleating or gathering some of the excess fabric to a smaller waistband. I like single center front and back pleats for smallish adjustments, but I think side or side and back gathers could look nice if you have a lot of excess fabric.

      I’ll have to think on the embroidery. The fabric flaw holes are so small that I doubt anyone else will ever notice them…but I know they’re there and feel like I should do something to prevent them from growing larger with wear and washing. I should so make a cat version of the classic poodle skirt at some point though. ^_^


  3. I’m aware that you’re wearing your skirt while you’re filming, but I think it would be super helpful (and also awesome!) if you showed the parts of the skirt you’re talking about when you’re discussing construction. Seeing the pockets up close, for example, would be fantastic.

    Awesome & twirly, as per usual!

    Hi, Fen!


    1. I thought of that during and after filming…but was too lazy to refilm or film and addition. 😛 Things to improve upon in the future! I’ll just tweak my format a bit.

      Pockets and the lining whip stitched to the zipper are certainly the two most visually interesting parts of this garment…maybe I’ll show them in the next segment.


  4. The skirt is fab. I am a bit too round and short to pull off a circle skirt. I tend for more of a mid-calf A-line made with gores. When I actually have made something, which is infrequent.

    I am trying to imagine a project that would require and entire bolt of dark green flannel. Slipcovers for an entire living room suite? 😛


    1. Ooooh…gores both fascinate and terrify me. They’re beautiful, but something about setting them in has my brain convinced that this is a thing I could not do! I have a dress tentatively planned that will include gores to hopefully get me over that hangup. 🙂

      Heh, I think I was going to make some sort of dramatic, flowing coat/cape combo out of it. I almost certainly overbought fabric because it was on sale or I had a coupon and hadn’t set the pattern/design in stone yet.


  5. Love your skirt. I agree about pockets.
    When I was in college last century, I made a four gored skirt. Gibson girl look was very in. It was wool. I HATE to itch, so I lined it completely including the hem. I got an A+ on it because you could wear it inside out. I loved that skirt. It kind of looked like a bell because the gores curved slightly outward like a lily.


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