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TTMT#27-Zippered pouch and birthday surprises


5 thoughts on “TTMT#27-Zippered pouch and birthday surprises

  1. Hadley is going to be thrilled with both of her gifts. Don’t you just love making things for people who really appreciate them?

    The little zipper pouch reminds me of the Tardis – bigger on the inside! My cousin Terri made me one and I love it! I have the pattern but have never worked up the courage to make it.


  2. What a cute set of gifts! I love that sparkly fabric. I used the blue of that for the castle on my daughter’s PoD.

    What an amazing zipper pouch. I have a tone of zippers I should really use them for something!


  3. I love those zipper pouches but I haven’t tried making one yet.

    The birthday shirt is adorable! I love how you gathered the fabric so it’s tactile. The pillow is cute. Kids love having their own pillows like that.


  4. Never put in a zipper before and you decided to start with that Sew Together pouch? That one seems SO intense.Yours turned out really well.

    What a cute birthday shirt.. it turned out really well. And the pillow too. Very sweet.


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