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TTMT #6| In One Word… TIRED! | 01/23/2018

Hello All!
I was able to go to my quilting group. I had not been able to attend but once since I started the 2nd shift daycare hours back in the Fall. It was good to be back. Those ladies are hilarious, not to mention talented!!!

A daycare little one tested positive for RSV last week (late Wednesday night to be exact) so I am drained from doing all the deep cleaning behind that whole episode. Then I figured she had contracted it from her older brother, who was her on Monday since it was the Martin Luther King holiday… I remembered constantly reminding to cover his cough and leave his sister alone… so with a 2-8 day window of being contagious, we most likely were all exposed that day, before we even knew they had anything!!! The good thing is we wash hands so much here so far all of the other daycare children seem fine.

I finished testing that pattern & hope it gets accepted to the FiS sight. I really do enjoy designing patterns, I just wish I had more time to devote to it. I wish I had more time period…to do a lot of things.

I do have a new project to start, but being that it will be another gift, I won’t show much until it’s been gifted.

Have a creative week!!!


12 thoughts on “TTMT #6| In One Word… TIRED! | 01/23/2018

    1. Thanks – no I didn’t get ill – being around little germy folk makes my immune system super tough! Thank goodness. I get extra rest and drink a preventative Thera-Flu when I know a different germ has been in the house! I have a friend with Myesthenia Gravis – so I can imagine what you go through. Stay well!


  1. Oh, ugh, RSV is so not good! I hope you stay clear of getting ill and that your sweet grandson is okay.

    No worries on your pattern being accepted. It’s in the queue to be posted. 😉

    Please thank your sister for being photo snap happy! I loved getting to see you “in action.” I have some friends I try to sew with once a month and it’s pretty much the best thing in the world. I am so glad you have that, too. 🙂


    1. Yes rev is nothing nice and this mom doesn’t seem to “get it” because she just told me her little girl has had it 2x before, so this makes the 3rd time… she’s not even 18mo old!!!

      Yay! Glad to know the pattern made the cut!✂️ lol.

      I will thank her. She lives 2 hrs away so when she comes to town she always had to see, in person, what I’m working on. I try to talk her into getting back into her creative mode… she sews as well and used to make rugs (she made the front page of our newspaper back in jr.high for one of her rugs!)


  2. I go crazy disinfecting and cleaning when someone even seems to be getting sick. I open windows even if only for a little while just to get some fresh air in the house.

    Friends who bring scraps are the best friends ever.

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    1. Yes Lysol, bleach and apple cider vinegar are my best buddies! My children rarely got more than colds. They learned fast to avoid classmates that seemed ill so that was a big help. But doing daycare you see just how others DON’T practice basic steps to reduce the spread of germs.

      Yes my sewing friends are amazing… the last time I was given a shopping bad full of great scraps. And the pieces that are too small will be set out for the birds to build nests.


  3. I sure hope no one else caught anything. And I hope you got to get some rest. That’s a busy busy life you have there! You are making so many wonderful things, I don’t know how you keep up the energy, especially with the kids there.

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    1. Thanks… keeping illnesses away it’s always the one thing that stresses me, even before my grandson… This family is on strike 2… same child had pneumonia a few months ago- I had told the mother several times to get her checked because she was coughing and just didn’t seem well, and ignored it for days then finds out that she did have pneumonia. I told them I cannot have them bringing things in the house with the baby being there and his condition so this rsv is strike 2 (found out she had had it 2x already and she is only 16mo old… So it’s obvious that she does not do a lot of hand washing and containing the spread of germs at her home. And I don’t want to have that worry constantly of what are they bringing into my house next!!

      I think my creative time is my medicine for sure, so I keep at it….and nap time is 2hrs thank goodness, my daily mini vacation! That helps me a great deal!


  4. I am so hoping your grandson doesn’t come down with that. It sounds like you have done everything you possibly could to prevent it. By the way, he is adorable!

    That Safari Star quilt is gorgeous!

    The Superman fabric is so cute – that will make a really cool sleeper.

    That looks like a fun group making a lot of lovely things.

    YOU do not have the flu. You do NOT have the flu. You do not have the FLU. (I hope that helped ward off any flu bugs.)

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    1. I am glad he is okay too! I was super worried! Thanks, I can’t wait to be finished with it… seriously considering just quilting at least the star area here. The longer at church does not have an extension plate so NO RULER WORK can be done on it. ☹

      I’m saving the sleeper for my DATE NIGHT aka Saturday! Lol my life is soooo exciting!

      Yes your words will help keep this germs away! GRACIAS!!!


  5. Your hair looks really great today! (Last week, I guess,. but anyway!)

    That safari quilt looks really great.. you’ve done such a good job with it.

    I hope everyone stayed healthy! I’ve seen in the news that it’s been an especially bad year for flu viruses in (parts anyway of) the US so hoping it stays far far away from your family especially.


    1. Thank you… that was a decent hair day, lol. I was hoping to be at the binding phase on the safari star, but I missed quilting group last night, so no longarm work done.

      Yes the flu has been horrible this year, I am doing my best to keep it away…that one parent tho…smh


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