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TTMT #456 – Pocketses


12 thoughts on “TTMT #456 – Pocketses

  1. I am about to finish the 3rd book of the Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones) on audiobook while I stitch. It’s a great way to “read” and create at the same time.

    The Broken Needle is a great shop. And if you order anything off of their website, Wendi and Matt get it to you in a flash!

    I like the little quilt top you put together from the donated quilt blocks. Very nice.


    1. Oh, you know, I read The Song of Ice and Fire through the next to last current book. I haven’t gone back to it because there’s just soooo much story. Audiobook might be a good revisit. I’m currently listening to the Peter Grant/Rivers of London books by Ben Ben Aaronovitch. I’ve already read them, which makes my level of paying attention a little less important.

      I hope to make it to The Broken Needle someday so we can have a TTMT party!


  2. I finally remembered to look up the local Linus Connection here… I really need to make quilts for them. I remember how comforting it was to see all the caring contributions when Jaxon was in the hospital.

    How do you find time for everything???

    If I ever get started on my PoD [which may actually be TWO] I will have to utilize your assembly line method… that’s probably why I’m STILL in the planning phase! lol

    Sometimes I listen to Sit & Sew Radio or I’ll just put on a movie that I’ve seen a billion times, so I don’t actually have to watch it, just listen. Time flies!

    I need to get a serger!

    Those B-O-M are sweet! I love all of the color!!!


    1. I’m so glad you found a local blanket charity! I’ve learned so much from my fellow volunteers, and not just quilting.

      Honestly, I don’t find time for everything and some days I feel like I’m running around with my hair on fire, but I love to go and do, so I try to make it happen!

      PoD pro-tip: Plan one block at a time. Print your pattern, pull your fabric. Put it all in a bag. Do as many of these as you can, all of them if you’re up for it! Then just grab a bag and go whenever you have a chance. I find if I plan my fabric ahead of time, it’s way easier to just sew, sew, sew!

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      1. I hope to get the quilting group members involved in the charity… im sure they will jump right in.

        Time!!! That’s the key. There just never is enough of it! We all need a time turner for sure!

        Thanks for the pro-tip! Planning is my jam! Someone’s too much of it tho… I will overthink some things. But it helped so much with Zoey’s quilt. Im still decidung who it will be for. Once i figure that out, things should flow faster. My oldest loves Jack Skellington so I’m brainstorming on where to bring it into the PoD, but I think I need to make one for my great-nephew instead (since she has the yoga wall hanging) . He’s a gamer, baseball player and HP fanatic and it would be done by his next birthday in Nov. Hmmm that’s it! In typing this it just made up my mind!! Yay thanks!!!


  3. I am visualizing a quilt made from alternating the jeans block with the y-front pattern, lol

    Your fleece blanket is so pretty, I like the subtle color, almost like having a secret little private design on your blanket. The other top you “just put together” is really fun, and will be great for another Linus project.
    Your organization while sewing on Rainbow cascade is awe-inspiring!


    1. Ha, you get on that jeans/y-front quilt! 😉

      The fleece was a remnant someone turned in because it was “too stretchy to work with.” It was soooo soft and fuzzy. I really wish I’d gotten some video, but you know, TIME.

      I have to be organized on Rainbow or I’d never get done! Do all the things!


  4. I’m enjoying seeing Rainbow Cascade growing behind you.

    The donated blocks turned out to be a pretty wonderful quilt top. I like BOM style quilt tops because there is always something new to look at and find.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the jeans butt block. My first thought was Bruce Springsteen’s butt with the bandanna hanging from the pocket. Oh how I enjoyed the 80’s.


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