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TTMT #27 Another UFO finish, coin wallets, and future projects



11 thoughts on “TTMT #27 Another UFO finish, coin wallets, and future projects

  1. I really like the baby/Easter quilt. Really cute. You have gone to town making the change purses. Very nice fabrics!

    The Care Bear fabric is also very nice. Smart to cut pieces out as you work on other projects. That will make things go really quickly when you have enough to make a bear.

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    1. Thanks! Cutting the bear pieces out as I go will almost be like a scrappy project for me. Instead of tossing the left over pieces o fabric into the scrap pile I can cut out bear parts. The best of both worlds really.


    1. Little zipper bags are so useful. I have them in all different sizes. Keeps my purse a bit cleaner and easier to find what I need too.


  2. The easter quilt is cute, it would make a good table runner. It could even be one of those doll quilts too although it might be a bit big for that.
    The coin purses are fun. I really want to throw a project or two like that in my schedule for the year to use up more stuff.
    The bears are a great idea, and your plan to cut parts from scraps of other projects as you go is brilliant. Maybe you could have like a baggie or basket for each bear part, then when you want to make a bear, you just grab from each bag to put it together. And if you have any batik scraps to use, it won’t matter which direction you cut them, they can be used either direction!

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    1. Great ideas! I was thinking about ziploc baggies for the parts because baggies seem to be my go to way of organizing things. Batiks would definitely make it easier. I’ve been thinking about adding more batiks to my stash anyways because I want to start making Hawaiian style quilts.


  3. The Easter quilt is pretty – could be a wall-hanging or table topper for someone who likes to decorate in pastels. Or maybe there’s somewhere that takes blankets for premmies near you. They often ask for fairly small sizes like that! Or if you want to sell it, you could market it as a tummy time play mat.. it’s big enough for a non-mobile baby or as a baby seat quilt – just big enough to tuck around a baby in a seat.

    Cute little coin purses! Looks like a good way to use scraps of fabrics, too.

    Those rare bears should be fun with all those different fabrics… I think it’s a great idea cutting out parts when you’ve got scrap fabric out and just saving them for when you’ve got time/foot pads to make the actual bear.


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