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TTMT #255 – jewells68 – January 23, 2018 – Movin’ Right Along

Signature quilt in progress… a bit of random babbling… Sea Turtle Quilt on its way…

Little by little I make progress. Here’s to stress-free crafting in 2018!

13 thoughts on “TTMT #255 – jewells68 – January 23, 2018 – Movin’ Right Along

  1. Oh goodness, seeing the quilt in progress gives me so many feels. I any help of think of those people in my life and yours who have been affected by cancer.

    Oh, I do hope you do a family reunion! I’m sure it would be much more appealing to everyone involved if it was you and your siblings with extended family. 😊

    You don’t get to virtual chat (FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc) with anyone unless you do it with me first. Thems the rules. 😁


    1. I am feeling ready to start putting it together now. Maybe tomorrow evening I’ll start piecing the blocks.Worked a bit late tonight.
      I would like all of us to rent a couple of cabins somewhere. The trick will be to find a place everyone can afford to go to. Jay and his daughters and their families are in St Louis and Chicago. Jan and Dan live in The Can, lol, currently stationed in Brownsville, Jim and Joel are in DFW area. And Jeff and Sam and the kids in San Francisco. And then of course us here in NM. Not really a “central” point at the moment.
      Haha, you have a deal. I will experiment with you someday soon. I think you rules are fair. πŸ˜‰


    1. She has given so much of herself to our chorus. I dropped out partway through my second season due to just life in general, and she is a big reason I made an effort to return the following year because of her ability to bring so many different ladies together in song, with her knowledge and kindness. The least we can do is show her we care and are with her during this scary and exhausting time,.


    1. Thank you. I told Jennifer I wanted a rainbow signature quilt and threw some ideas at her and she came up with the design and details on fabric amounts and strips sizes and everything for me. Because she is my bestie and wuvs me. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I know from experience that the chemo room is cold! My oncology group has blankets available for chemo patients. But having a nice flannel backed quilt all her own, and especially one made with such love and support sewn in, will warm her to her soul!

    As of this month I am 3 years cancer free!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!

    You do need to have a family reunion and make plans to repeat it on a regular basis (annually, every 2 years, leap years, whatever).


    1. My dad’s family has a reunion every two years, but I haven’t been since the year after my dad died. I’ve never really been close to much of his family, and the last year has brought about divisions I’m not sure will heal anytime soon.

      Meanwhile, my siblings and I can always pick up where we left off whenever we are together. It’s sad that it took my mom’s death to bring us back into the same town all together, but when it did that’s when we started talking about a reunion just for us and our own kids and grandkids. My brother has 2gk, my sister has 4gk, and my other brother has 3 dogs, lol. It’s time we all got together for something happy rather than sad.


      1. I tried to edit my comment but it won’t let me. I hit enter before I congratulated you. 3 years cancer free, that is so amazingly wonderful!!! We are so glad you are here. πŸ™‚


  3. Happy Birthday Sarah Jane!!

    The filler blocks fit right in on your signature quilt. I like the little messages. The flannel backing will be nice and snuggly.


  4. Was it chilly down there when you filmed this? You look like you’re layered up for warmth πŸ˜€

    The signature quilt is looking good. Always love a good rainbow and I think it’s nice having that mix of uplifing messages and signatures from choir friends. That flannel looks really pretty.


    1. I filmed on my break from work and had just walked in the house so I still had my jacket on. We generally only put the heat on for a little bit in the morning to take the edge off (temps drop considerably overnight here) and again in the evening to warm it up before bedtime. So the house was a bit chilly. That’s the warmest jacket I’ve worn all winter this year though. I haven’t even gotten my warmer jacket out of the closet this year.

      Still plugging away with the chorus quilt, but making progress.


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