TTMT Video

TTMT # 2 Blocks & Cookies

Oh My! I didn’t intend for my video to run so long.

Happy Tuesday!




9 thoughts on “TTMT # 2 Blocks & Cookies

  1. Oh my goodness, your cookie season is busy/crazy!

    Another project board, yay! I’m absolutely astonished by how much you’ve already done this year.

    I didn’t realize you were working on another Tree Trimming. Gorgeous!

    I really, really like your super sized Dear Jane blocks. What an awesome stash buster.

    Vanda’s FBQAL2 is one of my favorite quilt layouts ever. Your tested blocks and tiny quilt are fabulous.

    It is entirely possible I have a postage stamp quilt in limbo. It’s so in limbo, it’s not even on my project board!

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    1. My Postage Stamp Quilt isn’t on my Project board. I don’t think I’ll put t there until I have enough to start. I really do love the project board. I forget about things in waiting or that I have completed. It’s once to see the progress. Vanda’s FBQAL 2 is one of my very favorites. I can’t wait to have a big one for movie night!


  2. I love your Dear Jen quilt -mmodern take on Dear Jane. You have been busy! One of these days (hopefully before the 5th movie airs) I want to do a Fantastic Beasts suitcase quilt. It is on a long list of “must make” quilts.

    I know you will be glad when Cookie Season is over. That really takes a big chunk out of your time. sui

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    1. The fantastic beast layout Vanda did is amazing. I really love it.

      Cookie chaos is exhausting and time consuming but well worth it in the end. We are planning a trip for them (22 of them) in the summer using the money and it basically funds our year. Last summer we took the older girls to Asheville for 3 days.


  3. Oh that takes me back to the good old days! I was a girl scout leader not to mention one of the cookie cupboards – and I didn’t have a garage! My dining room was on overload! All of your blocks are great! Sorry to hear about your loss, but I know she will be guiding you through the completion of the quilt. I’ve sewn a few projects on emotion and those are the ones I love best. Glad you were able to locate the brick fabric, I like the look of the gray.


  4. Thank You. It was a really sudden and shocking loss. I am very grateful to have a few of her things to finish. She was my one family member that quilted. We really bonded over it and appreciated one another’s projects. I meant to post a photo. I will have to add one in a future video. It is all hand stitched and will be a long project for me.


  5. Your project board is nice and roomy. I always forget what I’ve accomplished since it’s been given away or put up for a holiday. Out of sight out of mind.

    I like your super sized Dear Jane blocks. I think I like the blocks blow up a bit bigger so you can see the details and fabrics better.


  6. My project board used to be a giant post-it note pad! We had them for a project at work and it was its own easel, with a white board on one side. When the paper was gone they wanted to throw it away and I said “no way!” and took it home. I love those things!
    I love the way you are doing your Dear Jane quilt. It’s so interesting to see how vintage quilts look when remade in modern prints/style.

    Good luck with the cookies. My daughter never wanted to do girl scouts, but I was one for 8+ years. Cookie time was utter chaos!


  7. That giant post-it thing is kind of crazy… perfect for making a project board, though!

    The tree trimming quilt looks great. Love the fabrics.

    Love the idea of expanding the size of the Dear Jane blocks. It’s such an amazing quilt, but I’d never do that much work… ever. A bit bigger though maybe I’d be more inclined 😀 Your fabrics look really fun.


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