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TTMT 1/23/18 – Couldn’t think of a catchy title


7 thoughts on “TTMT 1/23/18 – Couldn’t think of a catchy title

  1. What a lucky grandbaby (and parents)! And what a cutie he is, too!

    I just got my embroidery machine back from it’s spa visit. Time to test it out today. I hope you can figure out what’s going on with yours.


  2. Wonderful news about Flash! He is going to have the coolest stuff from his Grandma!

    I hope your embroidery machine starts working for you again. Your book titles look great. I love the Enchantments in Baking!


  3. YAY!!! always great to hear good progress news about Garrick/Flash! I can relate to it 1000%! I was struggling with a title for my ttmt this week also – originally just calling it “Untitled” lol then it finally came to me to just call it what I was feeling. Good luck with your machine!


  4. Baby Flash is so cute. It’s always nice to hear something you’ve made is a big hit and they ask for more. For me it always seems to be burp cloths. Babies need lots of extra supplies.


  5. I see from one of your comments that your machine is working again… that’s good to hear because those blocks look great… really adds something special to the PoD, doesn’t it? I love that spiderweb book too… fun fabric.

    Glad to hear Flash is doing so well… he looks like real cutie!


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