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TTMT#26-Snow day/no sew day

Had thought with the snow day that I would get a lot of sewing done, but that didnt happen. Ended up cleaning the house, foodshopping, and then making a chart to view my progress with projects and ufos this year.


6 thoughts on “TTMT#26-Snow day/no sew day

  1. All Stacked Up looks wonderful hanging behind you. I love the colors.

    Y’all are so organized with your project boards. That’s a lot of quilts in your head. I bet It feels good to get them down on paper.


  2. Love that All Stacked Up quilt! Love it when blocks match up.

    The progress boards help me so much. Not only helping me organize, but also to show me that I do more than I think. I love moving those post-it notes around.


  3. All stacked up is looking wonderful behind you, so colorful!

    I hope the board helps you. I don’t keep mine out and in my face all year log, but instead just pull it out occasionally to see what I can move to another square and what I still want to accomplish (and what I have already accomplished!).

    Good luck feeling better. I would love to do that as well. I have gained back about half the weight I lost a few years back and my arthritis is screaming at me to get healthier. I have an appt with a new PCP this next week that is also an osteopath, so hopefully she’ll have some additional suggestions to put me on a better path to health. You know what they say, use it or lose it, and that is so true as we age (I turn 50 this year as well). You’ve got to keep moving or eventually you won’t be able to. I need to keep reminding myself of that. It’ doesn’t have to be a marathon, just go for a walk, right? It’s better than sitting on my buns.


  4. The quilt is looking really great. The fabric is absolutely yummy!

    I love that you jumped on the Board wagon! I hope yours works out as well for you as it did for me.

    Feeling better is my plan for the year, too. I stashed my scale in a cabinet and haven’t looked back. We aren’t the numbers!


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