TTMT Video

TTMT Now with red/orange hair


7 thoughts on “TTMT Now with red/orange hair

  1. Mums absolutely need colorful hair. 🙂 It looks nice. Glad you liked the material, just sorry it was so late.

    I did the Pottermore thing awhile back and it sorted me into Ravenclaw, so I guess we’re giving the Hufflepuffs here a run for their money!


  2. Your hair looks lovely and yes, mums CAN have colorful hair. I used to color my hair close to that color to match the natural red highlights in my hair. Those natural red highlights are now WHITE, so I have seriously thought about going allover auburn again.

    Oh that’s great that you have all your blocks done. Since you are the first recipient, that will give me plenty of time to get your package and then start putting the other packages for the rest of the swappers together. Teamwork! 🙂

    Your dog is so cute! That’s so nice of you to help them raise money for the rescues.


  3. I’m liking the hair! Good for you choosing something more fun 😀 I keep wanting to go back to a more auburn red colour too, but the last time I tried my hair wound up a truly horrifying shade of red and so I haven’t chanced it since. I’ve got a different hair dresser now though, so maybe it’s time to go back.

    Love the fabrics from Laura – that Who fabric is fantastic!


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