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TTMT 1/16/18 – And the Saga Continues

Sitting in the dark.  Sorry about the glare.

Also sorry about the lip!  Got chapped lips sitting in the hospital last week and that caused a fever  blister.  YUCK.


13 thoughts on “TTMT 1/16/18 – And the Saga Continues

  1. Poor little Flash, we had a similar situation with Harry , he was 4 weeks early as I had Pre-eclampsia . He would only feed very small amounts and the doctors keep saying that he needed more intake. He is now 8 and doing fine , the best little people have a tricky time at the start . Still I know that its super scary and am glad that it is all looking better.

    Love your embroidery , every tine I see yours and Jennifer I want a machine again , but budget says no.

    Hope you have a much more peaceful week,


    1. Vanessa is still having to check his sugar levels every few hours but that’s the only time he’s being “stuck” now so he’s much happier.

      Today is peaceful indeed. We have several inches of snow and I am not moving out of my house until I am sure I can get down the steps safely. That means I may be spending some much needed time in the sewing room.


  2. Oh, poor little Flash! I’m so glad he’s doing better. ♥

    You’re making good progress on your book titles. What number PoD is this for you?

    No explanation needed, I’m happy to wait for your blocks.

    Ha, what a great wand! Well done hubby!


  3. Aw Flash, poor little sweet pea! Sounds like he’s getting amazing care, though.

    Cool wand…and to go out into the woods and find a piece of oak to work with makes it even cooler. Nice!


    1. Vanessa is such a good mommy! She and Pat will take VERY good care of him.

      He is still planning to give the wand a couple of coats of polyurethane spray to “shiny it up”. He had a good time picking out just the right branch.


  4. Poor little Flash. Being born can be so traumatic for babies and I’m never surprised when they have little problems in the beginnings. My youngest was 10lbs 1 oz at birth and they were worried about high sugar and they kept stabbing his poor little heel. He was fine, just very tall/long.

    Your hubby did a wonderful job on the wand. Nice details.

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    1. Your youngest was just about double Garrick’s weight. It was just heart-breaking to see him hooked up to an IV (for antibiotics in case he had an infection), getting a spinal tap to check for meningitis, and fasting for 5 hours to make sure his sugar wouldn’t drop enough to give him seizures. Fortunately everything turned out fine, but it was so hard for Vanessa and Patrick to watch all of this transpire. And it was hard on grandparents waiting to find out results.


  5. I’m glad to hear Flash is doing better. Phebe was moved to NICU the night she was born because she developed pneumonia. My water broke but I didn’t go into labor. Eventually they induced, but she was without the protection of the amniotic fluid for nearly a day. After a week we got to take her home but she had the IV thing in her scalp for a period after that. It’s so scary when they are so little and need so much extra care. It’s good to know Flash is perking up and I’m sure in no time he’ll be big and strong.

    Your books are looking great. Everytime you and Jen show off your embroidered things I get a hunger for an embroidery machine, but for now I’m just going to live vicariously through you two.

    Your blocks are looking good. I’ve got mine started but stopped to get the groupo ones done. Now those are in the post I can get back to the swap blocks.

    Try to stay warm!

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