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TTMT#4 Super Simple Serging

Wow that thumbnail. O_O Hello maniacal grin! Lemme just show you all my teeth. There was a LOT of silly in this video, so prepare yourselves…and maybe don’t try to drink anything while watching the bloopers.


9 thoughts on “TTMT#4 Super Simple Serging

  1. I love the still shot. That is indeed your evil grin!

    Even though the top fits weird, and wearing it would be super weird, it looks fabulous in the video. Your entire world is soooo purple. ♥

    I had seriously forgotten about the baby bibs… How has that only been a week ago?!

    The amount of arm waving is so ridiculous. *snort*


    1. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s because I’m an evil creative genius, obviously. 😛

      Yeah, the top looks pretty nice…a bit shawl like I think…but it would not work for my relatively active lifestyle unfortunately. As for all the purple, clearly I was supposed to be a lovely iris and have been cursed to this bipedal mammalian form.

      It’s been a long, weird week. O_O

      And just think, I probably cut three quarters of the flailing out!


  2. I am in love with your out takes , you are very funny person and should totally leave some of the in.

    I like the top and you are brave doing a blind hem on your first use of the serger. I have had mine for a year now and only used the 4 thread stitch because I am scared of un – threading the machine, it took me 5 months to get the machine threaded right (it was a whole issue with tension disks and being very very silly ).

    I have been looking at some clothing patterns to try and get back into garment sewing and look forward to seeing your project next week.


    1. *giggles* Thank you! I cut them out of the main body of the video if I don’t feel they’re relevant, but I try to keep the funniest moments for Silly Sarah at the end. I figure if they amuse me they may amuse some of you as well,

      I’ve been wanting to experiment with a blind hem for AGES! Unfortunately, I kept picking the wrong projects to try it on, namely circle skirts. Let me tell you, trying to do a complicated foldy thing on a curved edge and then stitch a nice even hem does not make for a fun time. I’ve heard Youtube is the best resource for serger threading tutorials…but I have yet to peruse for those.

      Hrmm…if this pattern didn’t result in such restricted arm movement I think it would be a good choice. Otherwise, if you want something relatively simple and wear skirts…circle skirt? They’re kind of my go-to garment, but the patterning and construction is relatively straightforward. It would be nice to have some clothing sewing company on here. 🙂 Not that I don’t like all the quilting, I just have less of an aptitude for it and less idea of what all went into it.


  3. The color of the new donation blouse looks great on you; brings out the glow of your whiteness. As you can probably see, I love Silly Sarah! I have a serger in the storage cabinet. I haven’t used it enough to really get to know it. Sigh.

    I can’t stand clothes that restrict my movement; one of the reasons for that is 91 pounds ago I couldn’t find anything that didn’t restrict my movement.

    Watching your videos is like taking a breath of fresh air.


    1. Aww, thank you! I’m very fond of purple…in case all the purple clothes and things featured in my videos hadn’t tipped you off. Heh, believe it or not I actually closed my window blinds almost entirely to try to minimize the blinding glowy paleness. That obviously didn’t work spectacularly.

      It’s never to late to dig it out and give it a whirl!

      Yeah, I don’t like clothes that bind either. That’s actually one of the reasons I wear so many floofy dresses…fashion + incredible freedom of movement. It’s also pretty funny to see people’s expressions when I frolic up trees and such while wearing something they deem impractical. 😛


  4. The blouse looks nice when you are sitting and talking to us, but I can totally see why it would be annoying in “real life”. I am not a fan of anything even slightly resembling batwing sleeves, at least not on me.

    Looking forward to seeing what comes next. Are you aiming for a new garment each week just to test/improve your skills?


    1. The draped neckline is quite lovely, but the rest of it…not so much. I don’t mind dolman and batwing sleeves so long as they aren’t too extreme. In a lot of cases they can result in MORE freedom of movement rather than less, just not this time around.

      Heh, both? I’ve quite the hoard of fabric and am hoping to reduce it, expand my wardrobe with clothes I REALLY like, and improve/develop new skills in the process. Also I’m planning on moving house and downsizing a bit in a few months, so it would be great to not have as much raw material to haul along and then try to find storage space for.


  5. That’s such an odd top… it actually looks pretty good, for something made out of a rectangle of fabric that constricts your arm movement, but yeah… the whole arm movement thing would make it a hard pass from me 😀 (I have an injured elbow that’s preventing me from straightening my left arm all the way and THAT makes me crazy, but not being able to get full shoulder movement would be much worse.)(It’s remarkably easy to avoid straightening your left arm all the way, so long as you don’t stretch too far in the morning or by trying to reach things just a little too far away.)


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