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TTMT #5 | This & That | 01/16/2018

Hello All!

Nothing to really add here that I didn’t already mention in the video. It’s too cold & I keep having brain freezes! lol

Until next week!




14 thoughts on “TTMT #5 | This & That | 01/16/2018

  1. Woo, I can’t wait to see your hair waves! Also, that hat… β™₯

    It has been so fun to see how everyone has interpreted the project board idea. Yours is just silly cute! I love the song lyrics. What a fabulous idea.

    The Michigan quilt is going to be fabulous. The blues and yellows are PERFECT. Your storage solution is awesome and clever, too. I love a simple solution!

    Thanks again for making blocks. The hearts of quilters are unstoppable!

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    1. Next week I will have my waves back… I am so excited. Never realized how attached I was to them. Yes my hat is
      E-VE-RY-THING!!! She sent it to me right after he left this Earth. O(+>

      Thanks, I had fun making it, although it Sat black a few days until it dawned on me to make it really reflect who I am and not just show my progress.

      If it wasn’t for making the board the Michigan quilt would have become a UFO… but I can now focus on making it a β˜†!!!

      You’re welcome…any way that I am able to help someone in need.


  2. Okay, first off your project board is wonderful – very creative and fun. Second, that Michigan quilt is perfection. And third, all of your blocks are great. Love the animal prints. Turns out I had no animal fabric so I made my blocks in green so the animals could walk around in the grass.

    Can’t wait to see your hair!

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    1. Thank you… Dollar Tree is my neighbor and with owning a daycare I have a full assortment of supplies on hand. That Michigan quilt is gonna start a fight I’m sure! Lol I’ll have to end up making one food myself in the future. Adv s yes all the animals will appreciate you providing some greenery for them!


  3. Wow, that Michigan quilt is going to be amazing!

    Love the photo of you and your grandson, how sweet.

    Thanks to your project board, I now have Pick up the Pieces going through my head. πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank You! I’m excited to get it done, and I already have person in Missouri that will quilt it with helmets football’s and the block M in an all over meander!

      The photos was taken in my sewing studio… I was supposed to be sewing. He is a total distraction! And I love it!

      I find myself singing the tunes when I look over at the board too! Lol

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  4. The project board is great. It’s a great way to not only keep track of what you are working on but to celebrate all you have accomplished!

    That Michigan quilt is going to be just fabulous. I don’t know if Jennifer noticed or not, but you were playing the Michigan fight song and our college had the same fight song.

    Congrats on getting so much done with so little time. I wish I had your drive!

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