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TTMT #455 – For the Birds

I can’t understate how cold I am in this video! It’s amazing that my teeth aren’t chattering.  I accidentally left the window cracked in the sewing room overnight and it got well below freezing, which is not at all a normal situation here. Oops!



12 thoughts on “TTMT #455 – For the Birds

  1. I love your bird bath its very cute.

    I tried to chain piece the swap block and ended up with every thing all upside down ,i had to unpick and start again.

    Thanks for your comment last week , I have been feeling a little low about how unproductive I was last year and your reminder of my house move and the effort that took a=was much needed to being some things into perspective. xx


  2. I love the birdbath pattern! One of these days!!!!

    I have had another setback to getting to the post office – it is snowing and has been all night. I do not drive in the snow unless it is an emergency. The temp is supposed to be up a bit tomorrow and 50+ Friday so the snow should be melted enough to go by Friday afternoon at the latest. Sorry about the delay. I am so ready for “toes in the sand” weather.


  3. I think your Linus sheet is a great idea. I like simple ways to keep track of things. I’m forever forgetting what I made or what I need to make. I make lists and leave myself notes in hopes of not forgetting something important.

    Stay warm.

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  4. I love those little birds so much. a perfect addition to a garden themed quilt. Rainbow cascade is looking lovely.
    I upped my Linus goal for this year to 13 blankets. I know I can do it. I just may have to crank out some fleece ones if I get behind at all. Since I set up a new album on my flickr each year for Project Linus donations I just track them that way. When I upload I name the pictures which donation it is to make it easy to see where I am for the year to date.


    1. I used to track my Linus blanket via photos, but since I need the information for taxes, this seemed like the simplest solution. I have a tendency to take a lot of in progress photos and occasionally finish quilts for others, and then take pictures of that, which was making it overly complicated to keep track of what I’d actually made!


    1. Thanks! I’ve had a really fun time coming up with new and easy freebies. 🙂

      It’s not quite as frigid as it was. We don’t generally get a much winter weather or precipitation. The local joke is that we get 11 months of summer if that gives you any idea what I’m used to!


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