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TTMT: 16 January 2018

In which I show my January quilting project, a very old top made out of Tula Pink’s Plume fabrics, a pile of quilt blocks for the TTMT block swap and my Canadian online True North Bee, and a finished quilt.

The pattern I used way back when for the Tula Pink quilt top, was the Snuggly Layer Cake Throw from the Moda Bakeshop. It was published early in 2010, so that top was made at some point after that. I added two borders (plus two flanges) to up the size a little, but the centre part is as shown in the link. The All People Quilt 2018 Resolutions can be found here. If anyone is interested in making the Granny Square blocks, they can be found here. The Plus blocks are here. The Hovering Hawk block pattern can be found here.  And finally, Dora’s No Baste Method is here. (It’s currently on sale 25% off, but is regularly $1 US. So, you know… not a bad deal either way!)

Also, I didn’t talk about it in the video, but I taped my Harry Potter mini up behind me on the door because someone – Vanda maybe? – had some fabrics from the same line in a video a couple weeks ago and I thought maybe I should fish him out from the box in the closet and show him off a little. (Also, it hid the door in the video.) You can’t tell from that distance, but my mom handquilted it with invisible thread following all the lines of the pattern printed on the panel. In my imaginary future house, it hangs in the library. Just need to win the lottery first…

14 thoughts on “TTMT: 16 January 2018

  1. Oh, what a great background for your video!

    Oh, I remember the first quilt top you shared. The border fabric is very distinctive.

    Your precision never ceases to amaze me. So many great blocks!

    You have made a serious amount of swap blocks (even the “wrong” ones)! I do like them, great fabrics (as usual!). The finished quilt absolutely adorable. I love the quilting.


    1. If I film from that angle again – I usually film sitting down because it’s easier to get the camera height right – I think I’ll have to aim the camera further away from the door .. get more of the design wall full of random crap into the picture.

      I’ve done a truly ridiculous amount of sewing the last couple weeks… we had a couple of really cold stretches that made me want to never go outside again, so sitting around sewing and watching tv (with a hot iron beside me) was a great way to spend the time!


  2. Your piecing is so precise , I love what you made with the rejected swap blocks , it gave me some ideas of what to do with mine when they come.

    Love the Harry potter on the door as well.


    1. Thank you! For my one from the blocks everyone makes, I think I might make some extras to top up the size and make it a lap quilt for in front of the tv… it’s a nice little pattern and I love using all the different scraps and fabrics in all of them.

      The Harry Potter quilt is an oldie that my mom did for me. It’s kind of funny… there’s a copyright notice near the bottom of the image that’s dated 2001… man does that make me feel old – I read my first HP book in 2001, which is getting on to a long time ago!


    1. Thanks!

      I can be a bit obsessive about precision sometimes (which makes it a bit funny that I don’t really like paper-piecing much… it’s so precise! but so dull…) so it’s no surprise I was a bit bothered with my first set of blocks. They weren’t wildly out or anything, but I didn’t feel like I stitched my straight lines as straight as I could have.. like they were trying to spin out of being truly square, or something. I dunno. Anyway, I’ve tried paper piecing since, and the real piss off is that those blocks are coming out the same size as my traditionally pieced ones! (They measure 12.5 perfectly, they I peel off the paper and they seem to magically shrink!)


  3. I’ve been watching other quilters do the monthly color scrap along. I didn’t join because my scraps are more multi color than one color.

    You’ve been very productive. Your block and white blocks look good from here. I loved how you just dropped each block after showing them lol. Your little log cabin quilt is sweet. Your backward mistake made a lovely little quilt.

    I’m going to go check out the no baste link. I’m getting a bit “old” and broken to be crawling on the floor to baste a quilt.


    1. I have a lot of really multi-colour prints… I’m not sure why, but I seem much more drawn to tone on tone or tone on white type prints… though this quilt I’m working on right now (the top I showed in this video) definitely has some pretty crazy multicolour prints in it.

      The no baste thing still requires a bit of floor time, but significantly less and it’s much easier. I’m a little curious if it would work on a bed even, but haven’t tested it out yet! I’ll have to try with a top I don’t like all that much, so I won’t be too bothered if it doesn’t work out.

      Mostly I baste on the table top… it’d be even better if I had a slightly higher table to do it on, but all you need are binder clips large enough to clamp the quilt down around the table edge and its SO much easier on the back!


  4. I remember seeing that plume quilt before. In fact I have a small bit of the border fabric, I might have even gotten it from you at some point. Maybe in the strip swap we did for the original PoD quiltalong on LJ.

    The no baste sounds intriguing. I can’t really visualize it. but if you can end up with only a small unnoticeable pucker it sounds ideal.

    You SHOULD be proud of yourself getting all those blocks made AND making and finishing an entire quilt with some of the blocks.


  5. The no-baste thing basically relies on the cling between the batting and fabrics to keep it together (and generally being a little gentle with it), but it worked incredibly well. I have another baby quilt (or two) that I want to try it on before I move on to anything larger, but so far so very good! (Of course, the Plume quilt top I pin-basted. I’m still wary enough to not try quilting a very large quilt with it.. I’m going to have to work up to it.)

    Now I just need to get back on the block making train so I can send them to Jennifer 😀 I mean, I’ve got some time… I’m going to send blocks to Vicky and Vanda myself, so it isn’t till the month after that I need to get blocks sent to Jennifer for her very kind mail around offer! (Speaking of which, she mentioned it was your idea and it was a really sweet one! I can kind of game the system a bit up here, as long as I keep it in an envelope where I can reasonably trick the postal person into believing it’s all “documents” and is under 100g. But sometimes that doesn’t work and then it winds up being 4 or 5 times the cost to ship, which is crazy.)


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