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TTMT A quick games a good game!

Just a short one for me today, i really need to catch up with everyone’s comments.


14 thoughts on “TTMT A quick games a good game!

  1. I’ve been following Wendi from Shiny Happy World for awhile now and I love her designs. I’ve watched her YouTube videos several times now. I like the way she does quilt as you go with her designs and her applique techniques match my style. I’ve joined her new follow along group but I haven’t decided yet what I want to make. I know I don’t have the fabric for an entire quilt so I’m thinking maybe a small wall hanging.


    1. I love her quilt as you go technique to, have just seen her playful puppies quilt and might have to purchase that , I have a friend who would love it.


  2. TARDIS teapot for the win!! That sounds cute – I’ve seen a rectangular actual TARDIS shaped one but it seemed like it’d be a little unwieldy. 🙂 You’ve reminded me I have a bunch of new teas to try…raspberry, ginger, peppermint. Need to get to them.

    The fox is adorable, and I like it on the fabric you have instead of a solid. Nice idea.


    1. Its nice when people you follow are nice to , I once went to a convention where the guy who played Angel was and he was just a horrible person, so arrogant.


  3. Love the little fox.. that’s so cute!

    A Tardis teapot sounds great 😀 I have Tardis water glasses, on which the Tardis appears and disappears depending on the temperature. I can’t talk myself into using them though! There’s so much fun merchandise, isn’t there?


  4. to much merchandise , if only I had all the pennies to spend on all the fabric and all the stuff. I am totally a sucker for some harry potter stuff and Dr Who, and Lord of the Rings and Game of thrones etc etc etc . xx


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